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UTOPPYA(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						UTOPPYA(1)

utoppya -- Topfield TF5000PVR file manipulation program SYNOPSIS
utoppya [-f device] command ... DESCRIPTION
utoppya is the userland interface to the utoppy(4) device driver. The options are as follows: -f Communicate with device instead of the default /dev/utoppy0. Using the services of the utoppy(4) driver, utoppya can perform the following operations, specified by the command operand: df Display disk size and free space ls [directory] List the files in the specified directory. Default is the Toppy's root directory. mkdir <directory> Make the specified directory. You must supply the full pathname to directory. rm <pathname> Delete the file or directory specified by pathname. rename <source> <target> Rename the file or directory specified by the source operand to the destination file or directory specified by the target operand. get [-prt] <toppyfile> [localfile] Copy toppyfile from the Toppy to localfile on the local filesystem. If localfile is omitted, the file will be copied into the cur- rent directory and will be named using the last component of the toppyfile operand. If localfile is '-', then toppyfile will be copied to the standard output. The following options are available for the get command: -p Display a progress bar. -r This option is useful if you wish to resume a previously interrupted get command. Instead of restarting from the beginning of the file, the transfer will resume where it left off. -t Enable 'Turbo' mode. This instructs the Toppy to drop everything and concentrate on transferring the file as quickly as pos- sible. You will be able to watch live TV, but all other functions, including changing channel via the remote control, will be inoperative. put [-prt] <localfile> <toppyfile> Copy localfile on the local filesystem to toppyfile on the Toppy. If toppyfile specifies a directory on the Toppy, the last compo- nent of the localfile operand will be appended to the toppyfile operand. The options described for the get command (above) also apply to the put command. FILES
/dev/utoppy0 The default Topfield TF5000PVR instance. SEE ALSO
usb(4), utoppy(4) HISTORY
The utoppya command first appeared in NetBSD 4.0 and was inspired by 'ftpd-topfield' written by Steve Bennett <msteveb at> and 'puppy' written by Peter Urbanec <toppy at>. AUTHORS
Steve C. Woodford <> BSD
April 3, 2006 BSD

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IFP(1)                                                        General Commands Manual                                                       IFP(1)

ifp - access iRiver iFP audio devices SYNOPSIS
ifp command [arguments ...] DESCRIPTION
ifp lets you manage your music on an iRiver iFP music player acting in "Manager Mode". If your player is using "UMS Mode", then you don't need this program; it will appear as new drive when you plug it in. This manual page documents the version of ifp included as an example application for the libifp library. The interface is intended to mimic the ifp binary found in the ifp-line binary package. ifp can upload or download files or directories, delete or make directories on the device, format the device, or upgrade your firmware. COMMANDS
ls [directory] List the files and directories on the device. The root directory is /. Directories are preceded with 'd' and other files with 'f'. df Display total and free space on the device. upload localfile remotefile Copy the file named localfile to the iFP device, and name it remotefile. (This is like cp.) upload localfile remotedir Copy the file named localfile to the iFP device, into remotedir. (This is like cp.) upload localdir remotedir Copy the entire directory localdir to the device, into remotedir. This copies into a subdirectory, so upload foo / puts files from the directory foo info /foo on the device. (This is like cp -R.) This uploads the entire directory, not just audio files. put localfile | localdir Upload the file or directory to the device, with the same name it has locally. If a directory is given, it is put in /. download remotefile localfile download remotefile localdir download remotedir localdir Like upload, but copies from the iFP device to your system. Some proprietary file types may not be downloaded. get remotefile | remotedir Like put, but copies files or directories from the device to your current working directory. rm [-r] file Delete (recursively) a file (or directory) on the device. rmdir dir Delete an empty directory on the device. mkdir dir Create a directory on the device. battery Display battery status of the device. typestring Display the model number of the device. firmversion Display the firmware revision currently on the device. format Reformat the device's memory. This will delete all your music. firmupdate FIRMWARE.HEX Upload the file FIRMWARE.HEX as new firmware for the device. This will not delete your music, but may have many other detrimental effects. Don't turn the device off or unplug it while the firmware is updating, and don't attempt to upload new firmware with a low battery. AUTHORS
libifp was written by Geoff Oakham, based on ifp by Yamashiro Jun. This manual page was written for Debian by Joe Wreschnig <>, but may be used by others. May 30th, 2004 IFP(1)
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