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LD.SO(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 LD.SO(1)

     ld.so -- run-time link-editor

     ld.so is a self-contained, position independent program image providing run-time support for
     loading and link-editing shared objects into a process' address space.

     For the particular details, refer to ld.aout_so(1) or ld.elf_so(1), depending on the sys-
     tem's object file format.

     ld(1), ld.aout_so(1), ld.elf_so(1), a.out(5), elf(5), link(5), ldconfig(8)

     John R. Levine, Linkers and Loaders, Morgan Kaufmann, 1999.

BSD					  March 31, 2010				      BSD
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