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OSX 10.14 Mojave - man page for sem_post (mojave section 2)

SEM_POST(2)						      BSD System Calls Manual						       SEM_POST(2)

sem_post -- unlock a semaphore
#include <semaphore.h> int sem_post(sem_t *sem);
The semaphore referenced by sem is unlocked, the value of the semaphore is incremented, and all threads which are waiting on the semaphore are awakened. sem_post() is reentrant with respect to signals and may be called from within a signal hanlder. If successful, sem_post() will return 0. Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set.
sem_post() succeeds unless: [EINVAL] sem is not a valid semaphore descriptor.
sem_open(2), sem_trywait(2), sem_wait(2), semctl(2), semget(2), semop(2)
sem_post() is specified in the POSIX Realtime Extension (1003.1b-1993/1003.1i-1995). Darwin June 8, 2000 Darwin

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