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REBOOT(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 REBOOT(8)

reboot - reboot the system immediately SYNOPSIS
reboot [-f] DESCRIPTION
Reboot can be used to reboot the system after installing a new kernel. It does not inform the users, but does log it's actions in /usr/adm/wtmp and /usr/adm/authlog. The system is then rebooted with the reboot(2) systemcall. If the -f flag is not given then all processes are sent terminate signals to give them a chance to die peacefully before the reboot() call. If the wtmp file exists, reboot logs itself as if it were a shutdown. This is done to prevent last(1) from talking about system-crashes. Reboot is registered as is in the authlog file. Reboot can only be executed by the super-user. Any other caller will be refused, either by reboot(8) or by reboot(2). SEE ALSO
reboot(2), shutdown(8), halt(8), boot(8). BUGS
The error message's given by reboot are not always useful. There are several routines that can fail, but which are not fatal for the pro- gram. AUTHOR
Edvard Tuinder (v892231@si.hhs.NL) REBOOT(8)

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REBOOT(2)							System Calls Manual							 REBOOT(2)

reboot - close down the system or reboot SYNTAX
#define _MINIX_SOURCE 1 #include <unistd.h> int reboot(int how, ...) DESCRIPTION
Reboot() is used to close down the system. It allows several ways of shutting down depending on how: reboot(RBT_HALT) Halt the system and return to the monitor prompt. reboot(RBT_REBOOT) Reboot the system by letting the monitor execute the "boot" command. reboot(RBT_PANIC) Cause a system panic. This is not normally done from user mode, but by servers using the sys_abort() kernel call. reboot(RBT_MONITOR, code, length) Halt the system and let the monitor execute the given code of the given length. (code is of type char * and length of type size_t.) reboot(RBT_RESET) Reboot the system with a hardware reset. Reboot() may only be executed by the super-user. DIAGNOSTICS
If the call succeeds, it never returns. If something went wrong, the return value is -1 and an error is indicated by errno. SEE ALSO
shutdown(8), reboot(8), halt(8), sync(1). NOTES
Minix can not return to the monitor if running in real mode, or if started from MS-DOS. This means that most of the reboot functions will change to a reset. AUTHOR
Edvard Tuinder (v892231@si.hhs.NL) REBOOT(2)
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