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REBOOT(2)							System Calls Manual							 REBOOT(2)

reboot - close down the system or reboot SYNTAX
#define _MINIX_SOURCE 1 #include <unistd.h> int reboot(int how, ...) DESCRIPTION
Reboot() is used to close down the system. It allows several ways of shutting down depending on how: reboot(RBT_HALT) Halt the system and return to the monitor prompt. reboot(RBT_REBOOT) Reboot the system by letting the monitor execute the "boot" command. reboot(RBT_PANIC) Cause a system panic. This is not normally done from user mode, but by servers using the sys_abort() kernel call. reboot(RBT_MONITOR, code, length) Halt the system and let the monitor execute the given code of the given length. (code is of type char * and length of type size_t.) reboot(RBT_RESET) Reboot the system with a hardware reset. Reboot() may only be executed by the super-user. DIAGNOSTICS
If the call succeeds, it never returns. If something went wrong, the return value is -1 and an error is indicated by errno. SEE ALSO
shutdown(8), reboot(8), halt(8), sync(1). NOTES
Minix can not return to the monitor if running in real mode, or if started from MS-DOS. This means that most of the reboot functions will change to a reset. AUTHOR
Edvard Tuinder (v892231@si.hhs.NL) REBOOT(2)

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SHUTDOWN(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       SHUTDOWN(8)

shutdown - graciously close the system down SYNOPSIS
shutdown [-hrRmk] [-x code] [time-specification [message]] DESCRIPTION
Shutdown is a program which allows a system operator to close down the system in an nice way. Shutdown informs the users why and when the system is going down. This warning is issued 10 minutes before shutdown time and every minute in the last 5 minutes. At this time (5 min- utes), shutdown creates a file /etc/nologin to prevent new users from logging in. Shutdown keeps a logfile of shutdowns. Every shutdown is registered in /usr/adm/wtmp, if this file exists. After these actions, a call is done to reboot(2) which actually brings the system down. Time-specification may be something like 15:00, 15.00, +15, or now for a shutdown at 3pm (twice), 15 minutes from now, or immediately. The message may be used to describe why the system is going down, it may also be typed on standard input with the -m option. OPTIONS
-h This flag prevents the system from rebooting after the shutdown. The system can now be powered off. This is the default. -r This flag indicates that the system should reboot after shutting down. -R Reboot the system by resetting it. Normally the kernel will try to return to the Boot Monitor. With -R the system will receive a hardware reset. -x code Halt the system and let the Monitor execute the given code as if typed at the monitor prompt. You can for instance use -x 'boot hd0' as a very fast way to reboot "from the top." -m Allows the operator to type a shutdown message on standard input, that will be added to the messages displayed on all terminals. -k This option gives the possibility of terminating an already started shutdown. This is only possible if shutdown time has not yet arrived. -C Check if the system crashed. This option is not used at shutdown time, but at reboot time. It tells if the file systems should be checked by testing if the last entry in the wtmp file is a shutdown entry. (A crude replacement for a file system clean flag.) FILES
/usr/adm/wtmp, /etc/nologin, /usr/adm/authlog SEE ALSO
reboot(2), wall(1), halt(8), boot(8). AUTHOR
Edvard Tuinder (v892231@si.hhs.NL) SHUTDOWN(8)
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