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HALT(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   HALT(8)

halt - abruptly stop the system SYNOPSIS
Halt stops the system almost immediately. The users are not informed about the things to come. Halt is logged in /usr/adm/wtmp and in /usr/adm/authlog, if these files exist. Halt should only be run by the super-user, any other caller will be refused. Halt is a rather rude program. Shutdown(8) is preferred for it performs a more gentle halt routine. Halt -f is even worse, it omits the terminate signals that are normally sent first to all processes to give them a chance to die peace- fully. SEE ALSO
reboot(2), shutdown(8), reboot(8), boot(8). AUTHOR
Edvard Tuinder (v892231@si.hhs.NL) HALT(8)

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HALT(8) 							       halt								   HALT(8)

halt, poweroff, reboot - Halt, power-off or reboot the machine SYNOPSIS
halt [OPTIONS...] poweroff [OPTIONS...] reboot [OPTIONS...] DESCRIPTION
halt, poweroff, reboot may be used to halt, power-off or reboot the machine. OPTIONS
The following options are understood: --help Prints a short help text and exits. --halt Halt the machine, regardless of which one of the three commands is invoked. -p, --poweroff Power-off the machine, regardless of which one of the three commands is invoked. --reboot Reboot the machine, regardless of which one of the three commands is invoked. -f, --force Force immediate halt, power-off, reboot. Do not contact the init system. -w, --wtmp-only Only write wtmp shutdown entry, do not actually halt, power-off, reboot. -d, --no-wtmp Do not write wtmp shutdown entry. --no-wall Do not send wall message before halt, power-off, reboot. EXIT STATUS
On success, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise. NOTES
These are legacy commands available for compatibility only. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), systemctl(1), shutdown(8), wall(1) systemd 208 HALT(8)
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