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hier(7) [minix man page]

HIER(7) 						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						   HIER(7)

hier - file system hierarchy DESCRIPTION
A tour through the Minix directory hierarchy. / root /bin/ Utility programs, cf /usr/bin/ (1) cat Show files, cat(1) sh Shell, sh(1) mount Mount file systems, mount(8) ... /boot Boot Monitor, monitor(8) /dev/ devices (4) console Main console, tty(4) tty* Terminals, tty(4) hd* Hard disk, hd(4) fd* Floppy disk, fd(4) ... /etc/ System configuration and data files, cf /usr/etc/ (1,5,8) ethers Ethernet addresses database, ethers(5) fstab File system table, fstab(5) group Groups database, group(5) hostname.file Name of the local system, usage(5) hosts TCP/IP hosts database, hosts(5) hosts.equiv Network equivalent hosts, hosts.equiv(5) keymap Keymap for custom keyboard, loadkeys(8) motd Message of the day, login(1) mtab Mounted file system table, fstab(5) passwd User database, passwd(5) psdatabase Kernel info for ps command, ps(1) profile System wide shell profile, sh(1) rc System startup script, boot(8) resolv.conf TCP/IP domain name system, resolv.conf(5) services TCP/IP names to services, services(5) shadow Shadow password database, passwd(5) termcap Terminal type descriptions, termcap(5) ttys Active terminals, init(8) ttytype Terminal types, login(1) utmp User login database, login(1) ... /minix Minix kernel image, monitor(8) /tmp/ Small, short-lived temporary files, cf /usr/tmp/ /usr/ Home directories and more system files adm/ System administration files (1,5,8) wtmp User logins and logouts, login(1) ... ast/ Honorary home directory of Andrew S. Tanenbaum Also new user initial files user/ Home directory of user .ashrc Ash (shell) startup, ash(1) .ellepro.b1 Elle (editor) startup (compiled), elle(1) .ellepro.e Elle (editor) startup (text), elle(1) .exrc Ex/vi (editor) startup, ex(1) .profile Custom user shell profile, sh(1) .rhosts Remote user permission file, rhosts(5) ... bin/ User programs cc C compiler, cc(1) cp Copy files, cp(1) ls List files, ls(1) man Show manual pages, man(1) ... etc/ More system data files, cf /etc (8) ... include/ C-compiler include files minix/ Minix kernel include files ... ... lib/ Compiler libraries and other support stuff cawf/ Text formatter support files, cawf(1) crontab Cron jobs, cron(8) dict/ Word lists words American English word list, look(1) ... libc.a C library (Minix-8086 only), cc(1) arch Per architecture compiler binaries and libaries, cc(1) ... local/ Local software, cf /usr/ bin/ Local utilities man/ Local manual pages src/ Local sources ... man/ Manual pages, man(1) cat*/ Preformatted manual pages man0/ Section 0, Book style user commands man1/ User commands man2/ System calls man3/ Library routines man4/ Device files man5/ File formats man6/ Games man7/ Miscellaneous man8/ System utilities whatis Table of manual pages, whatis(5) ... mdec/ boot Bootstrap code, installboot(8) ... preserve/ Saved elvis editor buffers, elvprsv(8), elvrec(1) spool/ Mail and command spooling at/ At jobs, at(1) past/ Completed at jobs mail/ Mail drops, mail(1) user Mailbox of user ... ... src/ System and command sources (home of bin) LICENSE Minix license to use commands/ Utility sources crclist CRC checksums of the source tree, srccrc(8) lib/ Library sources fs/ File system inet/ TCP/IP task kernel/ Kernel mm/ Memory manager boot/ Boot Monitor tools/ Kernel image making tools, tools(8) tmp/ Large temporary files SEE ALSO
ls(1), man(1), find(1), grep(1), checkhier(8). NOTES
Not all of the directories and files shown are present. They must be created as needed. BUGS
Many of the listed manual references do not yet exist. AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( HIER(7)
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