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CP(1)							      General Commands Manual							     CP(1)

cp, cpdir - file copy SYNOPSIS
cp [-pifsmrRvx] file1 file2 cp [-pifsrRvx] file ... directory cpdir [-ifvx] file1 file2 OPTIONS
-p Preserve full mode, uid, gid and times -i Ask before removing existing file -f Forced remove existing file -s Make similar, copy some attributes -m Merge trees, disable the into-a-directory trick -r Copy directory trees with link structure, etc. intact -R Copy directory trees and treat special files as ordinary -v Display what cp is doing -x Do not cross device boundaries EXAMPLES
cp oldfile newfile # Copy oldfile to newfile cp -R dir1 dir2 # Copy a directory tree DESCRIPTION
Cp copies one file to another, or copies one or more files to a directory. Special files are normally opened and read, unless -r is used. -r also copies the link structure, something -R doesn't care about. The -s option differs from -p that it only copies the times if the target file already exists. A normal copy only copies the mode of the file, with the file creation mask applied. Set-uid bits are cleared if the owner cannot be set. (The -s flag does not patronize you by clearing bits. Alas -s and -r are nonstandard.) Cpdir is a convenient synonym for cp -psmr to make a precise copy of a directory tree. SEE ALSO
cat(1), mkdir(1), rmdir(1), ln(1), rm(1). CP(1)

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LN(1)							      General Commands Manual							     LN(1)

ln, clone - create a link to a file SYNOPSIS
ln [-ifmrRvx] file [name] ln [-ifrRvx] file ... dir clone [-ifmvx] file [name] OPTIONS
-i Ask if ok to remove a file -f Remove existing links -m Merge trees, disable the into-a-directory trick -rR Recursively link a directory tree -v Display what ln is doing -x Do not cross device boundaries EXAMPLES
ln file newname # Make newname a synonym for file ln /usr/games/chess # Create a link called chess DESCRIPTION
A directory entry is created for name . The entry points to file . Henceforth, name and file can be used interchangeably. If name is not supplied, the last component of file is used as the link name. If more than one file is supplied or the name refers to an existing direc- tory, links will be created in that directory. An existing name will not be removed unless the -i or -f flag is specified. Clone is a convenient synonym for ln -fmr to create a so-called "link farm", a directory full of links to the original tree. SEE ALSO
cp(1), link(2), unlink(2). LN(1)
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