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UUID_COMPARE(3) 						    Libuuid API 						   UUID_COMPARE(3)

uuid_compare - compare whether two UUIDs are the same SYNOPSIS
#include <uuid.h> int uuid_compare(uuid_t uu1, uuid_t uu2) DESCRIPTION
The uuid_compare function compares the two supplied uuid variables uu1 and uu2 to each other. RETURN VALUE
Returns an integer less than, equal to, or greater than zero if uu1 is found, respectively, to be lexicographically less than, equal, or greater than uu2. AUTHOR
libuuid is part of the util-linux package since version 2.15.1 and is available from SEE ALSO
uuid(3), uuid_clear(3), uuid_copy(3), uuid_generate(3), uuid_is_null(3), uuid_parse(3), uuid_unparse(3) util-linux May 2009 UUID_COMPARE(3)

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UUID_UNPARSE(3) 						    Libuuid API 						   UUID_UNPARSE(3)

uuid_unparse - convert an UUID from binary representation to a string SYNOPSIS
#include <uuid/uuid.h> void uuid_unparse(uuid_t uu, char *out); void uuid_unparse_upper(uuid_t uu, char *out); void uuid_unparse_lower(uuid_t uu, char *out); DESCRIPTION
The uuid_unparse function converts the supplied UUID uu from the binary representation into a 36-byte string (plus tailing '') of the form 1b4e28ba-2fa1-11d2-883f-0016d3cca427 and stores this value in the character string pointed to by out. The case of the hex digits returned by uuid_unparse may be upper or lower case, and is dependent on the system-dependent local default. If the case of the hex digits is important then the functions uuid_unparse_upper and uuid_unparse_lower may be used. CONFORMING TO
libuuid is part of the util-linux package since version 2.15.1 and is available from SEE ALSO
uuid(3), uuid_clear(3), uuid_compare(3), uuid_copy(3), uuid_generate(3), uuid_time(3), uuid_is_null(3), uuid_parse(3) util-linux May 2009 UUID_UNPARSE(3)
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