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EXPR(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   EXPR(1)

expr - evaluate experession SYNOPSIS
expr arg ... EXAMPLES
x=`expr + 1` # Add 1 to shell variable x DESCRIPTION
Expr computes the value of its argument and writes the result on standard output. The valid operators, in order of increasing precedence, are listed below. Operators grouped by {...} have the same precedence. The operators are: |, &, {<, <=, ==, !=, >=, >}, {+, -}, *, /, %, and :. Parentheses are permitted. SEE ALSO
sh(1), test(1). EXPR(1)

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EXPR(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   EXPR(1)

expr - evaluate arguments as an expression SYNOPSIS
expr arg ... DESCRIPTION
The arguments are taken as an expression. After evaluation, the result is written on the standard output. Each token of the expression is a separate argument. The operators and keywords are listed below. The list is in order of increasing precedence, with equal precedence operators grouped. expr | expr yields the first expr if it is neither null nor `0', otherwise yields the second expr. expr & expr yields the first expr if neither expr is null or `0', otherwise yields `0'. expr relop expr where relop is one of < <= = != >= >, yields `1' if the indicated comparison is true, `0' if false. The comparison is numeric if both expr are integers, otherwise lexicographic. expr + expr expr - expr addition or subtraction of the arguments. expr * expr expr / expr expr % expr multiplication, division, or remainder of the arguments. expr : expr The matching operator compares the string first argument with the regular expression second argument; regular expression syntax is the same as that of ed(1). The (...) pattern symbols can be used to select a portion of the first argument. Otherwise, the matching operator yields the number of characters matched (`0' on failure). ( expr ) parentheses for grouping. Examples: To add 1 to the Shell variable a: a=`expr $a + 1` To find the filename part (least significant part) of the pathname stored in variable a, which may or may not contain `/': expr $a : '.*/(.*)' '|' $a Note the quoted Shell metacharacters. SEE ALSO
sh(1), test(1) DIAGNOSTICS
Expr returns the following exit codes: 0 if the expression is neither null nor `0', 1 if the expression is null or `0', 2 for invalid expressions. 7th Edition April 29, 1985 EXPR(1)
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