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TEST(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   TEST(1)

test, [ - test for a condition SYNOPSIS
test expr [ expr ] OPTIONS
test -r file # See if file is readable DESCRIPTION
Test checks to see if files exist, are readable, etc. and returns an exit status of zero if true and nonzero if false. The legal operators are -r file true if the file is readable -w file true if the file is writable -x file true if the file is executable -f file true if the file is not a directory -d file true if the file is a directory -s file true if the file exists and has a size > 0 -t fd true if file descriptor fd (default 1) is a terminal -z s true if the string s has zero length -n s true if the string s has nonzero length s1 = s2 true if the strings s1 and s2 are identical s1 != s2 true if the strings s1 and s2 are different m -eq m true if the integers m and n are numerically equal The operators -gt, -ge, -ne, -le, and -lt may be used as well. These operands may be combined with -a (Boolean and), -o (Boolean or), ! (negation). The priority of -a is higher than that of -o. Parentheses are permitted, but must be escaped to keep the shell from trying to interpret them. SEE ALSO
expr(1), sh(1). TEST(1)

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test(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   test(1)

       test - test conditional expression

       test expr
       [ expr ]

       The  command  evaluates the expression expr.  If the value of expr is true, the command returns a zero exit status; otherwise, it returns a
       nonzero exit status.  The command also returns a nonzero exit status if no arguments are specified.

       The following primitives are used to construct expr:

       -r file		   Tests if the file exists and is readable.

       -w file		   Tests if the file exists and is writable.

       -f file		   Tests if the file exists and is not a directory.

       -d file		   Tests if the file exists and is a directory.

       -s file		   Tests if the file exists and has a size greater than zero.

       -t [ fildes ]	   Tests if the open file, whose file descriptor number is fildes (1 by default), is associated with a terminal device.

       -z s1		   Tests if the length of string s1 is zero.

       -n s1		   Tests if the length of the string s1 is nonzero.

       s1 = s2		   Tests if the strings s1 and s2 are equal.

       s1 != s2 	   Tests if the strings s1 and s2 are not equal.

       s1		   Tests if s1 is not the null string.

       n1 -eq n2	   Tests if number1 equals number2.

       n1 -ge n2	   Tests if number1 is greater than or equal to number2.

       n1 -gt n2	   Tests if number1 is greater than number2.

       n1 -le n2	   Tests if number1 is less than or equal to number2.

       n1 -lt n2	   Tests if number1 is less than number2.

       n1 -ne n2	   Tests if number1 is not equal to number2.

       These primitives can be combined with the following operators:

       !expr		   Negates evaluation of expression.

       expr -a expr	   Tests logical and of two expressions.

       expr -o expr	   Tests logical or of two expressions.

       ( expr... )	   Groups expressions.

       The -a operator takes precedence over the -o operator.  Note that all the operators and flags are separate  arguments  to  Note	also  that
       parentheses are meaningful to the Shell and must be escaped.

See Also
       find(1), sh(1), test(1sh5)

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