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MKFS.MINIX(8)		       Linux System Administrator's Manual		    MKFS.MINIX(8)

       mkfs.minix - make a Linux MINIX filesystem

       mkfs.minix [-c|-l filename] [-n namelength] [-i inodecount] [-v] device [size-in-blocks]

       mkfs.minix creates a Linux MINIX file-system on a device (usually a disk partition).

       The device is usually of the following form:

	      /dev/hda[1-8] (IDE disk 1)
	      /dev/hdb[1-8] (IDE disk 2)
	      /dev/sda[1-8] (SCSI disk 1)
	      /dev/sdb[1-8] (SCSI disk 2)

       The  size-in-blocks  parameter  is  the desired size of the file system, in blocks.  It is
       present only for backwards compatibility.  If omitted the size will be determined automat-
       ically.	 Only  block  counts  strictly	greater  than 10 and strictly less than 65536 are

       -c     Check the device for bad blocks before creating the file system.	If any are found,
	      the count is printed.

       -n namelength
	      Specify  the maximum length of filenames.  Currently, the only allowable values are
	      14 and 30.  The default is 30. Note that kernels	older  than  0.99p7  only  accept
	      namelength 14.

       -i inodecount
	      Specify the number of inodes for the filesystem.

       -l filename
	      Read  the  bad  blocks  list  from filename.  The file has one bad block number per
	      line.  The count of bad blocks read is printed.

       -v     Make a Minix version 2 filesystem.

       The exit code returned by mkfs.minix is one of the following:

       0      No errors

       8      Operational error

       16     Usage or syntax error

       mkfs(8), fsck(8), reboot(8)

       The  mkfs.minix	command  is  part  of  the  util-linux	package  and  is  available  from

Util-linux 2.6				   2 July 1996				    MKFS.MINIX(8)
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