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normality(5)									     normality(5)

       normality - definition of what types of normalities different users may have.


       The  normality  configuration  file has a rather simple syntax, as shown in the diagram in
       the next section. Some things to remember  is  that  the  normality  file's  influence  is
       inversely  proportional to the user's cluefulness and that, in certain cirumstances, modi-
       fication of the normality file can and will be considered immoral.

       <normality file> := <normality file> <line> |
       <line> := <normality type> ': ' <userlist> |
		 <normality type> '! ' <userlist> |
		 <normality type> '= ' <normality tags> |
       <normality type> := [A-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]+
       <userlist> := <username> ', ' <userlist> ';0 |
		     <username> ';0
       <normality tags> := <normality tag> ', ' <normality tags> ';0 |
			   <normality tag> ';0
       <normality tag> := 'marriage' |
			  'love-relation' |
			  'nice-job' |
			  'money' |
			  'spare-time' |
			  'friends' |
			  'no-pager' |
       <comment> := '#' .* '0

       It is expected that you specify all normality types before you start assigning (or  disas-
       signing) users to (or from) them. That is so the system can do an easier consistency check
       of the specification.

       Let's say that we have a system with three normality types, foo, bar and  gazonk  and  two
       users, cucumber and onion.

       Now, a line like "foo! onion;" would exclude onion from having any of the real-life things
       specified by the foo type, even if that (or those)  things  appear  in  another	normality
       type.  So,  the	disallow  syntax overrides the allow syntax (specified by "<type>: <user-

       There is always an implicit type named ``all'', that contains all normality tags.

       For all system administrators, you have an implicit rule, "all!	asr".

       # Normality file for a sad system
       # Our users are onion, cucumber, jdoe, jrl and washu
       animetype= love-relation, nice-job, friends, spare-time;
       notworst= love-relation, nice-job, friends;
       sysadm= friends;
       # All normality types we will use are declared
       # Now let's do the magic stuff...
       all: jdoe, jrl;
       animetype: washu;
       sysadm: cucumber;
       all! onion;
       # Now, this is fairly easy, OK?

       This file messes with the real world, so a bit of caution is recommended.  Newer  versions
       of the chastise(3) library function modifies this file on-the-fly.

       Has  a tendecy to create small discontinuities in the velvet of reality whenever there are
       syntax errors in the normality file.

       This sick idea was put down in *roff format by Ingvar Mattsson, as a contribution  to  the
       alt.sysadmin.recovery man page collection.

4th Berkeley Distribution	       Release 0.001 alpha			     normality(5)
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