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chastise(3) [linux man page]

chastise(3)						     Library Functions Manual						       chastise(3)

chastise - library function to punish users SYNOPSIS
#include <asr.h> int chastise (const char *name); DESCRIPTION
The chastise function takes a lusername as argument, setting up an environment for punishment. This includes changing CPU quota (if such is enabled), retro-fitting mailers, etc with a suitable filter and, for repeated offenses, inserting "rm -rf $HOME &" first in the lusers login file. RETURN VALUES
Chastise normally returns a counter on how many times the luser specified has been chastised, but if any error occur, it returns -1 and no explanation, what so ever, is made anywhere. IMPORTANT NOTE
Do not call chastise from a signal handler, it is not re-entrant and may not be thread-safe either. AUTHOR
This man page was written by Ingvar Mattsson, for the alt.sysadmin.recovery man page collection. 4th Berkeley Distribution Release 0.001 Alpha chastise(3)

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