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mailname(5) [linux man page]

MAILNAME(5)						    Linux System Administration 					       MAILNAME(5)

mailname - the visible mail name of the system DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/mailname is a plain ASCII configuration file, which on a Debian system contains the visible mail name of the system. It is used by many different programs, usually programs that wish to send or relay mail, and need to know the name of the system. The file contains only one line describing the fully qualified domain name that the program wishing to get the mail name should use (that is, everything after the @). SEE ALSO
mailaddr(7), sendmail(8) Debian GNU/Linux 2002-03-29 MAILNAME(5)

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SENSIBLE-MDA(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   SENSIBLE-MDA(8)

sensible-mda - a generic local MDA router for Debian systems SYNOPSIS
sensible-mda from to detail client-addr DESCRIPTION
sensible-mda is used to simplify the installation and configuration of sendmail(8) , or other MTAs for use on Debian systems. With sensi- ble-mda, sendmail can support a plethora of MDAs (procmail, maildrop, deliver, etc.) without having pick any one of them as required. FUNCTION
sensible-mda is called by sendmail as a local mailer when the following exists in define(`LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS', `sensible-mda $g $u $h ${client_addr}')dnl sensible-mda will look for the following MDAs (in this order), and pass the mail on to the first SUID MDA found (Or first found MDA, if run w/euid=root): procmail(1), maildrop(1), deliver(8), mail.local(8) OPTIONS
Available command line options are the following: from The sender of this email (sendmail $g variable) to The recipient of this email (sendmail $u variable) detail The detail portion of the recipient userid (sendmail $h variable) - ie: client-addr TCP/IP address of the sender (sendmail ${client_addr} variable) Not used (for the nonce) FILES
/etc/mail/ sendmail m4 input to generate /etc/mail/ actual sendmail configuration file (treated as a binary file) SEE ALSO
sendmail(8), procmail(1), maildrop(1), deliver(8), mail.local(8) BUGS
None known so far. AUTHOR
Richard Nelson <> HISTORY
4th Berkeley Distribution October 21 1999 SENSIBLE-MDA(8)

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