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Linux 2.6 - man page for deb-split (linux section 5)

deb-split(5)				      Debian				     deb-split(5)

       deb-split - Debian multi-part binary package format


       The  multi-part	.deb  format  is  used	to split big packages into smaller pieces to ease
       transport in small media.

       The file is an ar archive with a magic value of !<arch>.  The file names might  contain	a
       trailing slash (since dpkg 1.15.6).

       The  first  member is named debian-split and contains a series of lines, separated by new-
       lines. Currently seven lines are present.  The first is the format version number, 2.1  at
       the  time  this	manual page was written. The second is the package name. The third is the
       package version. The fourth is the md5sum of the package.  The fifth is the total size  of
       the  package.  The sixth is the maximum part size. The seventh is the current part number,
       followed by a slash and the total amount of parts (as in '1/10').

       Programs which read multi-part archives should be prepared  for	additional  lines  to  be
       present, and should ignore these if this is the case.

       If  the	version  number has changed, an incompatible change has been made and the program
       should stop. If it has not, then the program should be able to safely continue, unless  it
       encounters an unexpected member in the archive (except at the end), as described below.

       The second, last required member is named data.N, where N denotes the part number. It con-
       tains the raw part data.

       These members must occur in this exact order. Current implementations  should  ignore  any
       additional  members  after  data.N.  Further members may be defined in the future, and (if
       possible) will be placed after these two.

       deb(5), dpkg-split(1).

Debian Project				    2010-01-28				     deb-split(5)

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