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tailf(1) [linux man page]

TAILF(1)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							  TAILF(1)

tailf - follow the growth of a log file SYNOPSIS
tailf will print out the last 10 lines of a file and then wait for the file to grow. It is similar to tail -f but does not access the file when it is not growing. This has the side effect of not updating the access time for the file, so a filesystem flush does not occur peri- odically when no log activity is happening. tailf is extremely useful for monitoring log files on a laptop when logging is infrequent and the user desires that the hard disk spin down to conserve battery life. Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too. -n, --lines=N, -N output the last N lines, instead of the last 10. AUTHOR
This program was originally written by Rik Faith ( and may be freely distributed under the terms of the X11/MIT License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program. The latest inotify based implementation was written by Karel Zak ( SEE ALSO
tail(1), less(1) AVAILABILITY
The tailf command is part of the util-linux package and is available from 13 February 2003 TAILF(1)

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SWITCH_ROOT(8)						       System Administration						    SWITCH_ROOT(8)

switch_root - switch to another filesystem as the root of the mount tree SYNOPSIS
switch_root [-hV] switch_root newroot init [arg...] DESCRIPTION
switch_root moves already mounted /proc, /dev and /sys to newroot and makes newroot the new root filesystem and starts init process. WARNING: switch_root removes recursively all files and directories on the current root filesystem. OPTIONS
-h, --help show help and exit -V, --version show version number and exit RETURN VALUE
switch_root returns 0 on success and 1 on failure. NOTES
switch_root will fail to function if newroot is not the root of a mount. If you want to switch root into a directory that does not meet this requirement then you can first use a bind-mounting trick to turn any directory into a mount point: mount --bind $DIR $DIR SEE ALSO
mount(8), chroot(2), init(8), mkinitrd(8) AUTHORS
Peter Jones <> Jeremy Katz <> Karel Zak <> AVAILABILITY
The switch_root command is part of the util-linux package and is available from util-linux June 2009 SWITCH_ROOT(8)

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