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scsimgr_fcd(7) [hpux man page]

scsimgr_fcd(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual					    scsimgr_fcd(7)

scsimgr_fcd - Fibre Channel interface driver fcd plug-in for scsimgr DESCRIPTION
The Fibre Channel interface driver plug-in for implements management operations specific to fibre channel HBA controllers bound to driver is the native HP-UX Fibre Channel interface driver that manages fibre channel devices. The plug-in handles the following operations for driver o Get, set and save per driver instance attributes. Commands The user can explicitly send the following commands to the driver plug-in by specifying the instance#> HBA controller hardware path> instance#> option: Displays information on attributes. Saves value of attributes in a persistent store. Sets values of attributes. Refer to scsimgr(1M) for the syntax of these commands. automatically invokes the plug-in to perform the driver specific part of the operation when the operation applies to per driver instances. Attributes The following table lists driver specific attributes. For details on the concept of attributes refer to scsimgr(1M). Note: The following conventions are used: o RO is Read Only. o RW is Read Write. o string is an array of characters. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Object Attribute Name RO/RW Type Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- Controller sym_port_name RW string Symbolic Port Name for fibre channel HBA con- troller Default: <host- name>_fcd<instance#> --------------------------------------------------------------------- sym_node_name RW string Symbolic Node Name for fibre channel HBA con- troller Default: <hostname>_HP- UX_<os release version> --------------------------------------------------------------------- EXAMPLES
Display all attributes for HBA controller with DSF /dev/fcd1: Get HBA controller symbolic port name for DSF /dev/fcd1: Get HBA controller symbolic node name for hardware path 0/2/1/0: Set HBA controller symbolic port name for DSF /dev/fcd1 to fcd1_port: Set HBA controller symbolic node name for class fc and instance 8 to fcd1_node: Save HBA controller symbolic port name for DSF /dev/fcd1 as fcd1_port: Save HBA controller symbolic node name for hardware path 0/2/1/0 as fcd1_node: AUTHOR
Fibre Channel interface driver plug-in for was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
scsimgr(1M), intro(7). scsimgr_fcd(7)

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tran_tgt_init(9E)						Driver Entry Points						 tran_tgt_init(9E)

tran_tgt_init - request to initialize HBA resources on behalf of a particular target SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/scsi/scsi.h> void prefixtran_tgt_init(dev_info_t *hba_dip, dev_info_t *tgt_dip, scsi_hba_tran_t *hba_tran, struct scsi_device *sd); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris architecture specific (Solaris DDI). PARAMETERS
hba_dip Pointer to a dev_info_t structure, referring to the HBA device instance. tgt_dip Pointer to a dev_info_t structure, referring to the target device instance. hba_tran Pointer to a scsi_hba_tran(9S) structure, consisting of the HBA's transport vectors. sd Pointer to a scsi_device(9S) structure, describing the target. DESCRIPTION
The tran_tgt_init() vector in the scsi_hba_tran(9S) structure may be initialized during the HBA driver's attach(9E) to point to an HBA driver function to be called by the system when an instance of a target device is being created. The tran_tgt_init() vector, if not NULL,is called after the dev_info node structure is created for this target device instance, but before probe(9E) for this instance is called. Before receiving transport requests from the target driver instance, the HBA may perform any initialization required for this par- ticular target during the call of the tran_tgt_init() vector. Note that hba_tran will point to a cloned copy of the scsi_hba_tran_t structure allocated by the HBA driver if the SCSI_HBA_TRAN_CLONE flag was specified in the call to scsi_hba_attach(9F). In this case, the HBA driver may choose to initialize the tran_tgt_private field in the structure pointed to by hba_tran, to point to the data specific to the particular target device instance. RETURN VALUES
tran_tgt_init() must return: DDI_SUCCESS the HBA driver can support the addressed target, and was able to initialize per-target resources. DDI_FAILURE the HBA driver cannot support the addressed target, or was unable to initialize per-target resources. In this event, the initialization of this instance of the target device will not be continued, the target driver's probe(9E) will not be called, and the tgt_dip structure destroyed. SEE ALSO
attach(9E), probe(9E), tran_tgt_free(9E), tran_tgt_probe(9E), scsi_hba_attach_setup(9F), scsi_device(9S), scsi_hba_tran(9S) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 1 Nov 1993 tran_tgt_init(9E)

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