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dir(4) [hpux man page]

dir(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							    dir(4)

dir - format of directories on short-name HFS file systems SYNOPSIS
Remarks This entry describes the System V-compatible directory format for the HFS file system. It is provided strictly for backward compatibility and compatibility with applications expecting a System V file system environment. It is not compatible with the similar but more general HFS directory format in which describes a format identical to that used in an HFS file system supporting long file names up to 255 bytes in length. The structure defined in should be used in conjunction with the directory(3C) routines for portability to other industry UNIX implementa- tions. DESCRIPTION
A directory behaves exactly like an ordinary file, except that no user can write into a directory. The structure of a directory entry as given in the header file is: By convention, the first two entries in each directory are for and (``dot'' and ``dot dot''). The first is an entry for the directory itself. The second is for the parent directory. The meaning of is modified for the root directory of the master file system; there is no parent, so and have the same meaning. AUTHOR
was developed by AT&T and HP. SEE ALSO
directory(3C). dir(4)

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mvdir(1M)																 mvdir(1M)

mvdir - move a directory SYNOPSIS
dir newdir DESCRIPTION
moves one directory tree into another existing directory (within the same file system), or renames a directory without moving it. dir must be an existing directory. If newdir does not exist but the directory that would contain it does, dir is moved and/or renamed to newdir. Otherwise, newdir must be an existing directory not already containing an entry with the same name as the last pathname component of dir. In this case, dir is moved and becomes a subdirectory of newdir. The last pathname component of dir is used as the name for the moved directory. refuses to move dir if the path specified by newdir would be a descendent directory of the path specified by dir. Such cases are not allowed because cyclic sub-trees would be created as in the case, for example, of which is prohibited. does not allow directory to be moved. Only users who have appropriate privileges can use EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
International Code Set Support Single- and multi-byte character code sets are supported. AUTHOR
was developed by OSF and HP. SEE ALSO
cp(1), mkdir(1), mv(1). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE
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