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jexec(8) [freebsd man page]

JEXEC(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  JEXEC(8)

jexec -- execute a command inside an existing jail SYNOPSIS
jexec [-u username | -U username] jail command ... DESCRIPTION
The jexec utility executes command inside the jail identified by its jid or name. The following options are available: -u username The user name from host environment as whom the command should run. -U username The user name from jailed environment as whom the command should run. SEE ALSO
jail_attach(2), jail(8), jls(8) HISTORY
The jexec utility was added in FreeBSD 5.1. BUGS
If the jail is not identified by jid there is a possible race in between the lookup of the jail and executing the command inside the jail. Giving a jid has a similar race as another process can stop the jail and start another one after the user looked up the jid. BSD
May 27, 2009 BSD

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JAILER(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 JAILER(8)

updatejail - is a script for rebuilding a chrooted environment made with jailer SYNOPSIS
updatejail <config.file> <jail identifier> DESCRIPTION
updatejail is a script which wipes out a chroot environment and rebuilds it. By default it leaves the /dev/log device in the chroot, so you do not need to restart system logger after updating a jail. WARNING
Do not configure your daemon inside your jail, because updatejail script will wipe out all the data inside the jail. If you would like to change any setting inside the jail, make the changes in the original location and then run updatejail . This makes it possible to place a jail even to a ramdisk. Options <config.file> The configuration file which contains the settings of the new chrooted environment. For further information see man 8 jailer.conf <jail identifier> The identifier which specifies which jail will be used. Identifiers need to be defined at jailer.conf . This identifier has to match the directory name used in the Root location. BUGS
updatejail will not parse the configuration file and determine the Root location by itself. For updatejail to work the Root location for the jail identifier has to end with the name of the identifier itself. For example, if your identifier is apache the Root location in jailer.conf has to be something like /chroots/apache. SEE ALSO
updatejail(8) jailer.conf(5), AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Peter Holtzl <>. December 4, 2001 JAILER(8)

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