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JLS(8)							    BSD System Manager's Manual 						    JLS(8)

jls -- list jails SYNOPSIS
jls [-dhNnqsv] [-j jail] [parameter ...] DESCRIPTION
The jls utility lists all active jails, or the specified jail. Each jail is represented by one row which contains space-separated values of the listed parameters, including the pseudo-parameter all which will show all available jail parameters. A list of available parameters can be retrieved via ``sysctl -d security.jail.param''. See jail(8) for a description of some core parameters. If no parameters or any of the options -hns are given, the following four columns will be printed: jail identifier (jid), IP address (ip4.addr), hostname (host.hostname), and path (path). The following options are available: -d List dying as well as active jails. -h Print a header line containing the parameters listed. If no parameters are given on the command line, all is assumed. -N In the standard display mode, print each jail's name instead of its numeric ID. If the jail does not have a name, the numeric ID is printed instead. -n Print parameters in ``name=value'' format, where each parameter is preceded by its name. If no parameters are given on the command line, all is assumed. -q Put quotes around parameters if they contain spaces or quotes, or are the empty string. -s Print parameters suitable for passing to jail(8), skipping read-only and unused parameters. Implies -nq. -v Print a multiple-line summary per jail, with the following parameters: jail identifier (jid), hostname (host.hostname), path (path), jail name (name), jail state (dying), cpuset ID (cpuset), IP address(es) (ip4.addr and ip6.addr). -j jail The jid or name of the jail to list. Without this option, all active jails will be listed. SEE ALSO
jail_get(2), jail(8), jexec(8) HISTORY
The jls utility was added in FreeBSD 5.1. Extensible jail parameters were introduced in FreeBSD 8.0. BSD
July 20, 2012 BSD

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