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JEXEC(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  JEXEC(8)

jexec -- execute a command inside an existing jail SYNOPSIS
jexec [-u username | -U username] jail command ... DESCRIPTION
The jexec utility executes command inside the jail identified by its jid or name. The following options are available: -u username The user name from host environment as whom the command should run. -U username The user name from jailed environment as whom the command should run. SEE ALSO
jail_attach(2), jail(8), jls(8) HISTORY
The jexec utility was added in FreeBSD 5.1. BUGS
If the jail is not identified by jid there is a possible race in between the lookup of the jail and executing the command inside the jail. Giving a jid has a similar race as another process can stop the jail and start another one after the user looked up the jid. BSD
May 27, 2009 BSD

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