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svscanboot(8) [debian man page]

svscanboot(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     svscanboot(8)

svscanboot - starts svscan(8) in the /service directory, with output and error messages logged through readproctitle(8). svscanboot is available in daemontools 0.75 and above. SYNOPSIS
svscanboot DESCRIPTION
svscanboot runs the pipeline svscan /service 2>&1 | readproctitle service errors: ..... with 400 dots. The last 400 bytes of error messages from svscan(8) will be visible to ps(1) through readproctitle(8). svscanboot sets $PATH to /command:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin: /bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/X11R6/bin (all in one line, no space) and clears all other environment variables. Program writers are encouraged to use globally allocated names in /command. SEE ALSO
supervise(8), svc(8), svok(8), svstat(8), svscan(8), readproctitle(8), fghack(8), pgrphack(8), multilog(8), tai64n(8), tai64nlocal(8), setuidgid(8), envuidgid(8), envdir(8), softlimit(8), setlock(8), ps(1) svscanboot(8)

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runsvdir(8)                                                   System Manager's Manual                                                  runsvdir(8)

runsvdir - starts and monitors a collection of runsv(8) processes SYNOPSIS
runsvdir [-P] dir [ log ] DESCRIPTION
dir must be a directory. log is a space holder for a readproctitle log, and must be at least seven characters long or absent. runsvdir starts a runsv(8) process for each subdirectory, or symlink to a directory, in the services directory dir, up to a limit of 1000 subdirectories, and restarts a runsv(8) process if it terminates. runsvdir skips subdirectory names starting with dots. runsv(8) must be in runsvdir's PATH. At least every five seconds runsvdir checks whether the time of last modification, the inode, or the device, of the services directory dir has changed. If so, it re-scans the service directory, and if it sees a new subdirectory, or new symlink to a directory, in dir, it starts a new runsv(8) process; if runsvdir sees a subdirectory being removed that was previously there, it sends the corresponding runsv(8) process a TERM signal, stops monitoring this process, and so does not restart the runsv(8) process if it exits. If the log argument is given to runsvdir, all output to standard error is redirected to this log, which is similar to the daemontools' readproctitle log. To see the most recent error messages, use a process-listing tool such as ps(1). runsvdir writes a dot to the read- proctitle log every 15 minutes so that old error messages expire. OPTIONS
-P use setsid(2) to run each runsv(8) process in a new session and separate process group. SIGNALS
If runsvdir receives a TERM signal, it exits with 0 immediately. If runsvdir receives a HUP signal, it sends a TERM signal to each runsv(8) process it is monitoring and then exits with 111. SEE ALSO
sv(8), runsv(8), runsvchdir(8), runit(8), runit-init(8), chpst(8), svlogd(8), utmpset(8), setsid(2) AUTHOR
Gerrit Pape <> runsvdir(8)
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