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fghack(8) [debian man page]

fghack(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 fghack(8)

fghack - is an anti-backgrounding tool. SYNOPSIS
fghack child DESCRIPTION
fghack runs child with many extra descriptors writing to a pipe. fghack reads and discards any data written to the pipe. After child has exited and the pipe has been closed, fghack exits. SEE ALSO
supervise(8), svc(8), svok(8), svstat(8), svscanboot(8), svscan(8), readproctitle(8), pgrphack(8), multilog(8), tai64n(8), tai64nlocal(8), setuidgid(8), envuidgid(8), envdir(8), softlimit(8), setlock(8) fghack(8)
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