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ARGUS(5)							File Formats Manual							  ARGUS(5)

argus - IP Network Auditing Facility COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2000-2004 QoSient. All rights reserved. SYNOPSIS
#include <[argus_dir]/include/argus_def.h> #include <[argus_dir]/include/argus_out.h> DESCRIPTION
The format of the argus(8) data stream is most succinctly described through the structures defined in the header file, but the general for- mat is as follows: Argus File Format: Argus_Datum Initial_Management_Record Argus_Datum . . Argus_Datum Management_Statistics Argus_Datum . . where the individual data fields are defined as follows: struct ArgusRecord { unsigned char type, cause; unsigned short length; unsigned int status; unsigned int argusid; unsigned int seqNumber; union { struct ArgusMarStruct mar; struct ArgusFarStruct far; } ar_union; }; struct ArgusMarStruct { struct timeval startime, now; unsigned char major_version, minor_version; unsigned char interfaceType, interfaceStatus; unsigned short reportInterval, argusMrInterval; unsigned int argusid, localnet, netmask, nextMrSequenceNum; unsigned long long pktsRcvd, bytesRcvd; unsigned int pktsDrop, flows, flowsClosed; unsigned int actIPcons, cloIPcons; unsigned int actICMPcons, cloICMPcons; unsigned int actIGMPcons, cloIGMPcons; unsigned int actFRAGcons, cloFRAGcons; unsigned int actSECcons, cloSECcons; int record_len; }; struct ArgusFarStruct { unsigned char type, length; unsigned short status; unsigned int ArgusTransRefNum; struct ArgusTimeDesc time; struct ArgusFlow flow; struct ArgusAttributes attr; struct ArgusMeter src, dst; }; struct ArgusTimeDesc { struct timeval start; struct timeval last; }; struct ArgusFlow { union { struct ArgusIPFlow ip; struct ArgusICMPFlow icmp; struct ArgusMACFlow mac; struct ArgusArpFlow arp; struct ArgusRarpFlow rarp; struct ArgusESPFlow esp; } flow_union; }; struct ArgusIPAttributes { unsigned short soptions, doptions; unsigned char sttl, dttl; unsigned char stos, dtos; }; struct ArgusARPAttributes { unsigned char response[8]; }; struct ArgusAttributes { union { struct ArgusIPAttributes ip; struct ArgusARPAttributes arp; } attr_union; }; struct ArgusMeter { unsigned int count, bytes, appbytes; }; struct ArgusIPFlow { unsigned int ip_src, ip_dst; unsigned char ip_p, tp_p; unsigned short sport, dport; unsigned short ip_id; }; struct ArgusICMPFlow { unsigned int ip_src, ip_dst; unsigned char ip_p, tp_p; unsigned char type, code; unsigned short id, ip_id; }; struct ArgusMACFlow { struct ether_header ehdr; unsigned char dsap, ssap; }; struct ArgusArpFlow { unsigned int arp_spa; unsigned int arp_tpa; unsigned char etheraddr[6]; unsigned short pad; }; struct ArgusRarpFlow { unsigned int arp_tpa; unsigned char srceaddr[6]; unsigned char tareaddr[6]; }; struct ArgusESPFlow { unsigned int ip_src, ip_dst; unsigned char ip_p, tp_p; unsigned short pad; unsigned int spi; }; SEE ALSO
argus(8), 23 June 2000 ARGUS(5)

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XQueryDeviceState(3X11) 					    X FUNCTIONS 					   XQueryDeviceState(3X11)

XQueryDeviceState - query the state of an extension input device. SYNTAX
int XQueryDeviceState(Display *display, XDevice *device); ARGUMENTS
display Specifies the connection to the X server. device Specifies the device whose state is to be queried. DESCRIPTION
The XQueryDeviceState request queries the state of an input device. The current state of keys and buttons (up or down), and valuators (current value) on the device is reported by this request. Each key or button is represented by a bit in the XDeviceState structure that is returned. Valuators on the device report 0 if they are reporting relative information, and the current value if they are reporting absolute information. XQueryDeviceState can generate a BadDevice error. STRUCTURES
The XDeviceState structure contains: typedef struct { XID device_id; int num_classes; XInputClass *data; } XDeviceState; The XValuatorState structure contains: typedef struct { unsigned char class; unsigned char length; unsigned char num_valuators; unsigned char mode; int *valuators; } XValuatorState; The XKeyState structure contains: typedef struct { unsigned char class; unsigned char length; short num_keys; char keys[32]; } XKeyState; The XButtonState structure contains: typedef struct { unsigned char class; unsigned char length; short num_buttons; char buttons[32]; } XButtonState; DIAGNOSTICS
BadDevice An invalid device was specified. The specified device does not exist or has not been opened by this client via XOpenInputDe- vice. This error may also occur if some other client has caused the specified device to become the X keyboard or X pointer device via the XChangeKeyboardDevice or XChangePointerDevice requests. SEE ALSO
Programming with Xlib XFree86 Version 4.7.0 XQueryDeviceState(3X11)
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