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unw_is_signal_frame(3) [debian man page]

UNW_IS_SIGNAL_FRAME(3)					       Programming Library					    UNW_IS_SIGNAL_FRAME(3)

unw_is_signal_frame -- check if current frame is a signal frame SYNOPSIS
#include <libunwind.h> int unw_is_signal_frame(unw_cursor_t *cp); DESCRIPTION
The unw_is_signal_frame() routine returns a positive value if the current frame identified by cp is a signal frame, and a value of 0 other- wise. For the purpose of this discussion, a signal frame is a frame that was created in response to a potentially asynchronous interrup- tion. For UNIX and UNIX-like platforms, such frames are normally created by the kernel when delivering a signal. In a kernel-environment, a signal frame might, for example, correspond to a frame created in response to a device interrupt. Signal frames are somewhat unusual because the asynchronous nature of the events that create them require storing the contents of registers that are normally treated as scratch (``caller-saved'') registers. RETURN VALUE
On successful completion, unw_is_signal_frame() returns a positive value if the current frame is a signal frame, or 0 if it is not. Other- wise, a negative value of one of the error-codes below is returned. THREAD AND SIGNAL SAFETY
unw_is_signal_frame() is thread-safe as well as safe to use from a signal handler. ERRORS
UNW_ENOINFO Libunwind is unable to determine whether or not the current frame is a signal frame. SEE ALSO
libunwind(3), unw_get_reg(3), unw_set_reg(3), unw_get_fpreg(3), unw_set_fpreg(3) AUTHOR
David Mosberger-Tang Email: WWW: Programming Library 16 August 2007 UNW_IS_SIGNAL_FRAME(3)

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UNW_GET_REG(3)						       Programming Library						    UNW_GET_REG(3)

unw_get_reg -- get register contents SYNOPSIS
#include <libunwind.h> int unw_get_reg(unw_cursor_t *cp, unw_regnum_t reg, unw_word_t *valp); DESCRIPTION
The unw_get_reg() routine reads the value of register reg in the stack frame identified by cursor cp and stores the value in the word pointed to by valp. The register numbering is target-dependent and described in separate manual pages (e.g., libunwind-ia64(3) for the IA-64 target). Further- more, the exact set of accessible registers may depend on the type of frame that cp is referring to. For ordinary stack frames, it is nor- mally possible to access only the preserved (``callee-saved'') registers and frame-related registers (such as the stack-pointer). However, for signal frames (see unw_is_signal_frame(3)), it is usually possible to access all registers. Note that unw_get_reg() can only read the contents of registers whose values fit in a single word. See unw_get_fpreg(3) for a way to read registers which do not fit this constraint. RETURN VALUE
On successful completion, unw_get_reg() returns 0. Otherwise the negative value of one of the error-codes below is returned. THREAD AND SIGNAL SAFETY
unw_get_reg() is thread-safe as well as safe to use from a signal handler. ERRORS
UNW_EUNSPEC An unspecified error occurred. UNW_EBADREG An attempt was made to read a register that is either invalid or not accessible in the current frame. In addition, unw_get_reg() may return any error returned by the access_mem(), access_reg(), and access_fpreg() call-backs (see unw_cre- ate_addr_space(3)). SEE ALSO
libunwind(3), libunwind-ia64(3), unw_get_fpreg(3), unw_is_signal_frame(3), unw_set_reg(3) AUTHOR
David Mosberger-Tang Email: WWW: Programming Library 16 August 2007 UNW_GET_REG(3)
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