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unw_is_fpreg(3) [debian man page]

UNW_IS_FPREG(3) 					       Programming Library						   UNW_IS_FPREG(3)

unw_is_fpreg -- check if a register is a floating-point register SYNOPSIS
#include <libunwind.h> int unw_is_fpreg(unw_regnum_t reg); DESCRIPTION
The unw_is_fpreg() routine checks whether register number reg is a floating-point register. This routine is normally implemented as a macro and applications should not attempt to take its address. RETURN VALUE
The unw_is_fpreg() routine returns a non-zero value if reg is a floating-point register. Otherwise, it returns a value of 0. THREAD AND SIGNAL SAFETY
unw_is_fpreg() is thread-safe as well as safe to use from a signal handler. SEE ALSO
libunwind(3), unw_get_reg(3), unw_set_reg(3), unw_get_fpreg(3), unw_set_fpreg(3) AUTHOR
David Mosberger-Tang Email: WWW: Programming Library 16 August 2007 UNW_IS_FPREG(3)

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UNW_SET_REG(3)						       Programming Library						    UNW_SET_REG(3)

unw_set_reg -- set register contents SYNOPSIS
#include <libunwind.h> int unw_set_reg(unw_cursor_t *cp, unw_regnum_t reg, unw_word_t val); DESCRIPTION
The unw_set_reg() routine sets the value of register reg in the stack frame identified by cursor cp to the value passed in val. The register numbering is target-dependent and described in separate manual pages (e.g., libunwind-ia64(3) for the IA-64 target). Further- more, the exact set of accessible registers may depend on the type of frame that cp is referring to. For ordinary stack frames, it is nor- mally possible to access only the preserved (``callee-saved'') registers and frame-related registers (such as the stack-pointer). However, for signal frames (see unw_is_signal_frame(3)), it is usually possible to access all registers. Note that unw_set_reg() can only write the contents of registers whose values fit in a single word. See unw_set_fpreg(3) for a way to write registers which do not fit this constraint. RETURN VALUE
On successful completion, unw_set_reg() returns 0. Otherwise the negative value of one of the error-codes below is returned. THREAD AND SIGNAL SAFETY
unw_set_reg() is thread-safe as well as safe to use from a signal handler. ERRORS
UNW_EUNSPEC An unspecified error occurred. UNW_EBADREG An attempt was made to write a register that is either invalid or not accessible in the current frame. UNW_EREADONLY An attempt was made to write to a read-only register. In addition, unw_set_reg() may return any error returned by the access_mem(), access_reg(), and access_fpreg() call-backs (see unw_cre- ate_addr_space(3)). SEE ALSO
libunwind(3), libunwind-ia64(3), unw_get_reg(3), unw_is_signal_frame(3), unw_set_fpreg(3) AUTHOR
David Mosberger-Tang Email: WWW: Programming Library 16 August 2007 UNW_SET_REG(3)
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