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umad_set_grh(3) [debian man page]

UMAD_SET_GRH(3) 					    OpenIB Programmer's Manual						   UMAD_SET_GRH(3)

umad_set_grh - set GRH fields within umad buffer using host ordering SYNOPSIS
#include <infiniband/umad.h> int umad_set_grh(void *umad, void *mad_addr); DESCRIPTION
umad_set_grh() sets the GRH fields (grh_present, gid, hop_limit, traffic_class, flow_label) within the specified umad buffer based on the mad_addr supplied. The provided mad_addr fields are expected to be in host order. If the mad_addr pointer supplied is NULL, no GRH is set. The argument mad_addr is a pointer to an ib_mad_addr_t struct, as specified in <infiniband/umad.h>. The argument umad is a pointer to an ib_user_mad_t struct, as specified in <infiniband/umad.h>. typedef struct ib_mad_addr { uint32_t qpn; uint32_t qkey; uint16_t lid; uint8_t sl; uint8_t path_bits; uint8_t grh_present; uint8_t gid_index; uint8_t hop_limit; uint8_t traffic_class; uint8_t gid[16]; uint32_t flow_label; } ib_mad_addr_t; typedef struct ib_user_mad { uint32_t agent_id; uint32_t status; uint32_t timeout_ms; uint32_t retries; uint32_t length; ib_mad_addr_t addr; uint8_t data[0]; } ib_user_mad_t; RETURN VALUE
umad_set_grh() returns 0 on success, and a negative value on errors. Currently, there are no errors indicated. SEE ALSO
umad_set_grh_net(3) AUTHOR
Hal Rosenstock <> OpenIB May 24, 2007 UMAD_SET_GRH(3)

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UMAD_RECV(3)						    OpenIB Programmer's Manual						      UMAD_RECV(3)

umad_recv - receive umad SYNOPSIS
#include <infiniband/umad.h> int umad_recv(int portid, void *umad, int *length, int timeout_ms); DESCRIPTION
umad_recv() waits up to timeout_ms milliseconds for a packet to be received from the port specified by portid. The packet is copied to the umad buffer if there is sufficient room and the received length is indicated. If the buffer is not large enough, the size of the umad buf- fer needed is returned in length. A negative timeout_ms makes the function block until a packet is received. A timeout_ms parameter of zero indicates a non blocking read. Note length is a pointer to the length of the data portion of the umad buffer. This means that umad must point to a buffer at least umad_size() + *length bytes long. Note also that *length must be >= 256 bytes. RETURN VALUE
umad_recv() returns non negative receiving agentid on success, and a negative value on error as follows: -EINVAL invalid port handle or agentid or *length is less than the minimum supported -EIO receive operation failed -EWOULDBLOCK non blocking read can't be fulfilled SEE ALSO
umad_poll(3) AUTHOR
Hal Rosenstock <> OpenIB May 11, 2007 UMAD_RECV(3)
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