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gcov2perl(1p) [debian man page]

GCOV2PERL(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     GCOV2PERL(1p)

gcov2perl - convert gcov files to Devel::Cover databases VERSION
version 0.89 SYNOPSIS
gcov2perl -h -i -v -db database gcov_files DESCRIPTION
Convert gcov files to Devel::Cover databases. OPTIONS
The following command line options are supported: -db database - specify the database to use -h -help - show help -i -info - show documentation -v -version - show version DETAILS
To obtain coverage of XS files they must first be compiled with the appropriate options. In a standard Makefile environment, such as that created by ExtUtils::MakeMaker, this can be accomplished with the command: HARNESS_PERL_SWITCHES=-MDevel::Cover make test CCFLAGS=-O0 -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage OTHERLDFLAGS=-fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage If you have already built your object files it may be necessary to run make clean first, or to find some other way to ensure that they get rebuilt with the options gcov requires. Now the code coverage data has been collected "gcov" needs to be run: gcov Mylib.xs This will create one or more gcov files on which you can run "gcov2perl": gcov2perl Mylib.xs.gcov Finally, "cover" should be run as usual with any options required: cover If you are running everything with standard options, you can do all this with one command: cover -test EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: 0 All files converted successfully >0 An error occurred. SEE ALSO
Devel::Cover BUGS
Copyright 2001-2012, Paul Johnson ( This software is free. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself. The latest version of this software should be available from my homepage: perl v5.14.2 2012-06-15 GCOV2PERL(1p)

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Devel::Cover::DB(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       Devel::Cover::DB(3)

Devel::Cover::DB - Code coverage metrics for Perl VERSION
version 1.03 SYNOPSIS
use Devel::Cover::DB; my $db = Devel::Cover::DB->new(db => "my_coverage_db"); $db->print_summary([$file1, $file2], ["statement", "pod"]); DESCRIPTION
This module provides access to a database of code coverage information. METHODS
new my $db = Devel::Cover::DB->new(db => "my_coverage_db"); Contructs the DB from the specified database. cover my $cover = $db->cover; Returns a Devel::Cover::DB::Cover object. From here all the coverage data may be accessed. my $cover = $db->cover; for my $file ($cover->items) { print "$file "; my $f = $cover->file($file); for my $criterion ($f->items) { print " $criterion "; my $c = $f->criterion($criterion); for my $location ($c->items) { my $l = $c->location($location); print " $location @$l "; } } } Data for different criteria will be in different formats, so that will need special handling. This is not yet documented so your best bet for now is to look at some of the simpler reports and/or the source. The methods in the above example are actually aliases for methods in Devel::Cover::DB::Base (the base class for all Devel::Cover::DB::* classes): o Devel::Cover::DB::Base->values Aliased to Devel::Cover::DB::Cover->files, Devel::Cover::DB::File->criteria, Devel::Cover::DB::Criterion->locations, and Devel::Cover::DB::Location->data o Devel::Cover::DB::Base->get Aliased to Devel::Cover::DB::Cover->file, Devel::Cover::DB::File->criteriom, Devel::Cover::DB::Criterion->location, and Devel::Cover::DB::Location->datum Instead of calling $file->criterion("x") you can also call $file->x. is_valid my $valid = $db->is_valid; Returns true if $db is valid (or looks valid, the function is too lax). SEE ALSO
Devel::Cover Devel::Cover::DB::Base Devel::Cover::DB::Cover Devel::Cover::DB::File Devel::Cover::DB::Criterion Devel::Cover::DB::Location BUGS
Copyright 2001-2013, Paul Johnson ( This software is free. It is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself. The latest version of this software should be available from my homepage: perl v5.16.3 2013-05-20 Devel::Cover::DB(3)
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