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roarinterconnect(1) [debian man page]

roarinterconnect(1)				      System User's Manual: roarinterconnect				       roarinterconnect(1)

roarinterconnect - interconnect two audio servers SYNOPSIS
roarinterconnect [OPTIONS]... DESCRIPTION
This program can interconnect two audio servers bi- (default) or uni-directional. OPTIONS
--server SERVER Set server hostname --remote SERVER Set remote server --type TYPE Set type of remote server --rate RATE Set sample rate --bits BITS Set bits per sample --chans CHANNELS Set number of channels --codec CODEC Set the codec --help Show this help --verbose -v Be verbose POSSIBLE TYPES
roar RoarAudio Server esd EsounD Server simple PulseAudio simple protocol oss Open Sound System (OSS) device bidir Connect bidirectional filter Use local server as filter for remote server transmit Transmit data from local server to remote server receive Receive data from remote server SEE ALSO
roartips(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7). HISTORY
For history information see RoarAudio(7). RoarAudio January 2010 roarinterconnect(1)

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roarfilt(1)						 System Manager's Manual: roarfilt					       roarfilt(1)

roarfilt - RoarAudio sound server audio filter client SYNOPSIS
This filters the audio data before they are send to the soundcard. GENERAL OPTIONS
NOTE: This list is incomplete! In addition to this list this program provides compatible options for esdfilt. You can just replace the "esd" in the name with "roar" or use symlinks. This options are for compatibly only and should not used in new programs. --help Print some help text. AUDIO OPTIONS
--rate RATE, -R RATE Set server sample rate. --bits BITS, -B BITS Set server bits. --chans CHANNELS, -C CHANNELS Set server channels. NETWORK OPTIONS
--server SERVER The server to connect to. OLD ROARFILT OPTIONS
--half Half the volume. --double Double the volume. --amp n, --mul n Amplify volume by n. --div n Divide volume by n. --log n Does a simple 'gamma correction'. This is done by: sample = 2^(bits-1) * log(1 + (n - 1)*sample/2^(bits-1)) / log(n). --lowpass freq lowpass filter FILTER OPTIONS
--filter name This adds a new filter of name name. --ffreq freq This sets a frequency for the filter. --fmul mult This sets a multiplier for the filter. --fdiv div This sets a divider for the filter. --fn N This sets the filter's N value. --flimit limit This sets the filter's limit value. --fmode mode set filter mode parameter This sets the filter mode. Symbolic values are currently not supported. --fq Q This sets the filter quality. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Bellow only the basic environment varibales are listend. For a complete list see libroar(7). HOME The users home directory. ROAR_SERVER The address of the listening server. This may be in form of host:port for TCP/IP connections and /path/to/sock for UNIX Domain Sock- ets or any other supported format. See roartips(7) for a full list. This is the same as the --server option. BUGS
There are a lot of bugs... SEE ALSO
roarctl(1), roarvorbis(1), roarfish(1), roartestclients(1), roartips(7), libroar(7), RoarAudio(7). HISTORY
For history information see RoarAudio(7). RoarAudio July 2008 roarfilt(1)
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