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miwm-session(1) [debian man page]

miwm-session(1) 						   User Commands						   miwm-session(1)

miwm-session - Start up the MIWM window Manager SYNOPSIS
miwm-session [option] DESCRIPTION
As MIWM does not have any meny by default to start external programs, this file starts by defalt one x-terminal-emulator(1) program with the window manager. See section FILES. This program is designed to be used by GDM (etc) from /usr/share/xsessions/miwm.desktop and therefore this program does not exit until Window Manager exists. OPTIONS
-h, --help Display brief description. -V, --version Display version information. ENVIRONMENT
$HOME/.miwm/session If file exists, it is executed using /bin/sh after the window manager starts. This file inhibits starting the default x-terminal-emulator(1). SEE ALSO
aewm(1), idesk(1), fspanel(1), jwm(1), fvwm(1) AUTHORS
Program was written by <>. This manual page was written by Jari Aalto <> for the Debian GNU system (but may be used by others). Released under license GNU GPL version 2 or (at your option) any later version. For more information about license, visit <>. miwm-session 2012-03-26 miwm-session(1)
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