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git-import-dscs(1) [debian man page]

GIT-IMPORT-DSCS(1)					      git-buildpackage Manual						GIT-IMPORT-DSCS(1)

git-import-dscs - Import multiple versions of a Debian source packages into a Git repository SYNOPSIS
git-import-dscs [ options ] [ git-import-dsc options ] pkg_1.dsc pkg_2.dsc ... or git-import-dscs --debsnap [ options ] [ git-import-dsc options ] package DESCRIPTION
git-import-dscs imports several versions of a Debian source package into a Git repository. To do so it sorts the packages by their versions first and then imports them via calling git-import-dsc on each package. If the current directory isn't a Git repository already the repository is created in a subdir of the current working directory, named after the first imported package, otherwise the Git repository in the current working directory is being used. This allows for incremental imports. OPTIONS
--debsnap Fetch snapshots from using debsnap. --ignore-repo-config Ignore gbp.conf files stored in the git repository itself. This can be useful to ignore branch informations and other options shipped in the package source. All other options are passed on verbatim to git-import-dsc. SEE ALSO
git-import-dsc(1), git-buildpackage(1), git-import-orig(1), git-dch(1), gbp.conf(5), debuild(1), git(1), pristine-tar(1), The Git-Build- package Manual <URL:file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/index.html> AUTHOR
Guido Guenther <> 01 June 2012 GIT-IMPORT-DSCS(1)

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GIT-BUILDPACKAGE(1)					      git-buildpackage Manual					       GIT-BUILDPACKAGE(1)

git-buildpackage - Build Debian packages from a Git repository SYNOPSIS
git-buildpackage [ --git-[no-]ignore-new ] [ --git-tag ] [ --git-verbose ] [ --color=[auto|on|off] ] [ --notify=[auto|on|off] ] [ --git- upstream-branch=treeish ] [ --git-debian-branch=branch_name ] [ --git-ignore-branch ] [ --git-builder=BUILD_CMD ] [ --git-cleaner=CLEAN_CMD ] [ --git-[no-]pbuilder ] [ --git-[no-]qemubuilder ] [ --git-dist=DIST ] [ --git-arch=ARCH ] [ --git-[no-]pbuilder-autoconf ] [ --git- pbuilder-options ] [ --git-[no-]sign-tags ] [ --git-keyid=gpg-keyid ] [ --git-posttag=command ] [ --git-postbuild=command ] [ --git-postex- port=command ] [ --git-prebuild=command ] [ --git-debian-tag=tag-format ] [ --git-upstream-tag=tag-format ] [ --git-force-create ] [ --git- no-create-orig ] [ --git-upstream-tree=[TAG|BRANCH|treeish] ] [ --git-tarball-dir=directory ] [ --git-compression=type ] [ --git-compres- sion-level=level ] [ --git-export-dir=directory ] [ --git-export=treeish ] [ --git-[no-]pristine-tar ] [ --git-dont-purge ] [ --git-tag- only ] [ --git-retag ] DESCRIPTION
git-buildpackage is used to build Debian source and .deb packages from a Git repository. git-buildpackage will, in order: o Verify that it is being executed from the proper location. o Verify that the repository doesn't contain any uncommitted source changes. o Verify that it is being executed from the correct branch. o (Optionally) export the source tree to a separate build area o Build an orig tarball if it doesn't exist. o Call debuild(1) (or the application specified via --git-builder) with arguments instructing it to ignore Git meta-data in the diff.gz, passing along all arguments given to git-buildpackage that don't start with --git-. o (Optionally) tag the tree after a successful build o (Optionally) call a post build hook - e.g. to run lintian o (Optionally) call a post tag hook - e.g. to push the results to a remote repository after creating the tag OPTIONS
--git-[no-]ignore-new Don't abort if there are uncommitted changes in the source tree or the current branch doesn't match the debian-branch. --git-tag Add a git tag after a successful build. --git-builder=BUILD_CMD Use BUILD_CMD instead of debuild -i -I --git-cleaner=CLEAN_CMD Use CLEAN_CMD instead of debuild clean --git-pbuilder Build package using git-pbuilder. Note that this overwrites any --git-builder and --git-cleaner options. --git-qemubuilder Build package using git-pbuilder with qemubuilder. Note that this overwrites any --git-builder and --git-cleaner options. --git-dist=DIST Build for distribution DIST when using --git-pbuilder. If unset build for the unstable distribution. --git-arch=ARCH Build for architecture ARCH when using --git-pbuilder. If unset no architecture is passed to git-pbuilder. --git-pbuilder-autoconf Whether to try to autoconfigure git-pbuilder or to rely on the settings in .pbuilderrc. See the git-pbuilder manpage for details. --git-pbuilder-options Options to pass to pbuilder --git-verbose verbose execution --color=[auto|on|off] Whether to use colored output. --notify=[auto|on|off] Whether to send a desktop notification after the build. --git-upstream-branch=branch_name Branch to build the orig tarball from if --git-upstream-tree is set to BRANCH. Default is upstream. --git-debian-branch=branch_name If you're not on this branch when invoking git-buildpackage it will fail. Default is master. This is done to make sure you don't accidentally release from a topic branch. Not being on this branch will be ignored when using --git-ignore-new. --git-ignore-branch Don't check if the current branch matches debian-branch. --git-[no-]sign-tags GPG sign all created tags --git-keyid=gpg-keyid use this keyid for gpg signing tags --git-posttag=command excecute command after tagging a new version. Exported environment variables are: GBP_TAG (the name of the generated tag), GBP_BRANCH (the branch the package was build from) and GBP_SHA1 (the sha1 of the commit the tag was created at). --git-postbuild=command execute command after successful build. Exported environment variables are: GBP_CHANGES_FILE (the name of the generated changes file), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir). --git-postexport=command execute command after exporting the source tree - valid only if --git-export-dir has been specified. Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR (the repository the package is being built from), GBP_TMP_DIR (the temporary direc- tory where the sources have been initially exported). --git-prebuild=command execute command from the build directory before calling debuild or the application specified via --git-builder. Exported environment variables are: GBP_GIT_DIR (the repository the package is being built from), GBP_BUILD_DIR (the build dir). --git-debian-tag=tag-format use this tag format when tagging Debian versions, default is debian/%(version)s --git-upstream-tag=tag-format use this tag format when looking for tags of upstream versions, default is upstream/%(version)s. --git-force-create Force creation of an orig tarball (overwriting a pre-existing one if present) --git-no-create-orig Don't try to create any orig tarball --git-overlay Extract orig tarball when using export-dir option (analog to mergeWithUpstream in svn-bp) --git-export-dir=directory Export the current branch head (or the treeish object given via --git-export to directory before building. --git-export=treeish Instead of exporting the current branch head, export the treeish object treeish. The special name INDEX exports the current index whereas the special name WC exports the current working copy as is. --git-upstream-tree=[tag|branch] How to find the upstream sources used to generate the tarball. TAG looks at a tag corresponding to the version in the changelog. BRANCH looks at the upstream branch given via the --git-upstream-branch option. Other values are interpreted as treeishs. This doesn't have any effect if --git-pristine-tar is being used. --git-tarball-dir=directory Search for original tarballs in directory instead of generating them --git-compression=type Specifies the upstream tarball compression type. This will be used to locate and build the upstream tarball if necessary. The default is auto which derives the compression type from the pristine-tar branch if available and falls back to gzip otherwise. Other options are gzip, bzip2, lzma and xz. --git-compression-level=level Specifies the upstream tarball compression level if an upstream tarball needs to be built. --git-dont-purge retain exported build directory after build --git-tag-only don't build, only tag and run post-tag hooks --git-retag don't fail tag operations if a tag with the same version already exists CONFIGURATION FILES
Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the above commandline arguments. See the [XRef to GBP.MAN.GBP.CONF] manpage for details. All options in the config files are specified without the 'git-' prefix. SEE ALSO
git-import-dsc(1), git-import-dscs(1), git-import-orig(1), git-dch(1), git-pbuilder(1), gbp.conf(5) debuild(1), git(1), pristine-tar(1), The Git-Buildpackage Manual <URL:file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/index.html> AUTHOR
Guido Guenther <> 01 June 2012 GIT-BUILDPACKAGE(1)
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