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GIT-DCH(1)						      git-buildpackage Manual							GIT-DCH(1)

git-dch - Generate the Debian changelog from git commit messages SYNOPSIS
git-dch [ --verbose ] [ --debian-branch=branch_name ] [ --debian-tag=tag-format ] [ --upstream-tag=tag-format ] [ --ignore-branch ] [ --snapshot | --release ] [ --auto | --since=commitish ] [ --new-version=version ] [ --bpo | --nmu | --qa | --team ] [ --[no-]full ] [ --[no-]meta ] [ --meta-closes=bug-close-tags ] [ --snapshot-number=expression ] [ --id-length=number ] [ --git-log=git-log-options ] [ --[no-]git-author ] [ --[no-]multimaint ] [ --[no-]multimaint-merge ] [ --spawn-editor=[always|snapshot|release] ] [ --commit-msg=msg-for- mat ] [ --commit ] [ --customization=customization-file ] [path1 path2] DESCRIPTION
git-dch reads git commit messages and generates the Debian changelog from it. If no arguments are given git-dch starts from the last tagged Debian package version up to the current tip of the current branch. If the distribution of the topmost section in debian/changelog is UNRE- LEASED the changelog entries will be inserted into this section. Otherwise a new section will be created. If --auto is given git-dch tries to guess the last Git commit documented in the changelog - this only works in snapshot mode. Otherwise --since can be used to tell git-dch at which point it should start in the Git history. The additional path arguments can be used to restrict the repository paths git-dch looks at. Setting path to debian/ is a good choice if upstream uses Git and all Debian packaging changes are restricted to the debian/ subdir. In more sophisticated cases (like backports) you can use --git-log to restrict the generated changelog entries further. E.g. by using --git-log="--author=Foo Bar". OPTIONS
--debian-branch=branch_name The branch in the Git repository the Debian package is being developed on, default is master. --ignore-branch Don't check if the current branch matches debian-branch. --verbose -v verbose execution --debian-tag=tag-format tag format used, when tagging debian versions, default is debian/%(version)s --since=committish Start reading commit messages at committish. --auto, -a Guess the last commit documented in the changelog from the snapshot banner (or from the last tag if no snapshot banner exists). --[no-]meta Parse meta tags like Closes:, Thanks: and Git-Dch:. See META TAGS below. --meta-closes=bug-close-tags What meta tags to look for to generate bug-closing changelog entries. The default is 'Closes|LP' to support Debian and Launchpad. --[no-]full Include the full commit message in the changelog output. --snapshot, -S Create a snapshot release entry. This adds a snapshot release number and a warning banner to the changelog entry. The release ver- sion number is being autoincremented with every new snapshot release to avoid packages downgrades during snapshot testing. --snapshot-number=expression Python expression that gets eval()ed to the new snapshot number. --release, -R Remove any snapshot release banners and version suffixes, set the current distribution to unstable and open the changelog for final tweaking. --new-version=version, -N version Add a new changelog section with version newversion. Together with --snapshot the snapshot number will be appended to newversion. --team Create a Team upload changelog entry. --bpo Increment the Debian release number for an upload to backports, and add a backport upload changelog comment. --nmu Increment the Debian release number for a non-maintainer upload. --qa Increment the Debian release number for a Debian QA Team upload, and add a QA upload changelog comment. --git-log=git-log-options Options passed on verbatim to git-log(1). --id-length=N Include N digits of the commit id in the changelog entry. Default is to not include any commit ids at all. --ignore-regex=regex Ignore commit lines matching regex when generating the changelog. --git-author Use and from git-config(1) for changelog trailer. --[no]-multimaintmerge Merge commits by maintainer. --spawn-editor=[always|snapshot|release] Whether to spawn an editor: always, when doing snapshots or when doing a release. --commit-msg=msg-format use this format string for the commit message when committing the generated changelog file (when --commit is given). Default is Update changelog for %(version)s release --commit Commit the generated changelog. SNAPSHOT MODE
Snapshot mode can be used for quick test and install cycles without having to worry about version numbers or changelog entries. When using --snapshot or -S git-dch uses a pseudo header in the Debian changelog to remember the last git commit it added a changelog entry for. It also sets a version number ending in ~<snaspshotnumber>.gbp<commitid>. It automatically increments the snapshot number on subse- quent invocations of git-dch -S so that later snapshots automatically have a higher version number. To leave snapshot mode invoke git-dch with the --release option. This removes the pseudo heaader and unmangles the version number so the released version has a higher version number than the snapshots. META TAGS
Additional to the above options the formatting of the commit message in debian/changelog can be modified by special tags (called Meta Tags) given in the git commit message. Meta Tag processing can be activated via the --meta option. The tags must start at the first column of a commit message but can appear on any line. They are of the form Tagname: value. Valid Meta Tags are: Git-Dch: action Supported actions are: Ignore which will ignore this commit when generating debian/changelog, Short which will only use the descrip- tion (the first line) of the commit message when generating the changelog entry (useful when --full is given) and Full which will use the full commit message when generating the changelog entry (useful when --full is not given). Thanks: msg Add a thanks message after the commit message. Closes: bugnumber Indicate in the debian/changelog that the bug was closed by this commit. See the --meta-closes on howto extend this for other bug- trackers. The following git commit message: Document meta tags so one doesn't have to consult the manual Git-Dch: Short Closes: #636088 Thanks: Raphael Hertzog for the suggestion Results in this debian/changelog entry: * Document meta tags. Thanks to Raphael Hertzog for the suggestion (Closes: #636088) CONFIGURATION FILES
Several gbp.conf files are parsed to set defaults for the above commandline arguments. See the [XRef to GBP.MAN.GBP.CONF] manpage for details. SEE ALSO
git-buildpackage(1), git-import-dsc(1), git-import-dscs(1), git-import-orig(1), gbp.conf(5), debuild(1), git(1), pristine-tar(1), The Git- Buildpackage Manual <URL:file:///usr/share/doc/git-buildpackage/manual-html/index.html> Cl2vcs <URL:>, AUTHOR
Guido Guenther <> 01 June 2012 GIT-DCH(1)
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