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change-po-charset(1) [debian man page]

CHANGE-PO-CHARSET(1)					      General Commands Manual					      CHANGE-PO-CHARSET(1)

change-po-charset - change the charset value in content-type header of a gettext po file SYNOPSIS
change-po-charset <charset> FILENAME1 [ FILENAME2 ...] DESCRIPTION
change-po-charset is a simple Perl script, which reads the specified file names, and prints them on standard output, making only the fol- lowing modification. In the first msgstr string sequence it encounters, it changes the "charset" attribute of the Content-Type header to the charset specified as the first parameter. Please note that it does not actually change any character encoding of the contents of the data. It is used by potooledit(1) to fix the content-type header after it recodes the file with iconv(1). SEE ALSO
potooledit(1), iconv(1), msgmerge(1), msgfmt(1). AUTHOR
change-po-charset was written by Marcin Owsiany <>. September 21, 2007 CHANGE-PO-CHARSET(1)

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iso2022(5)							File Formats Manual							iso2022(5)

iso2022, iso-2022, ISO-2022 - A character encoding mechanism standardized by the International Standards Organization (ISO) DESCRIPTION
The ISO-2022 standard defines a mechanism for handling single-byte and multibyte characters. The standard specifies four classes of charac- ter sets: The 94-charset class, which contains character sets with 94 positions (single-byte characters). Examples are the ASCII and JIS X0201 character sets. The 96-charset class, which contains character sets with 96 positions (single-byte characters). Examples are the ISO Latin series of character sets. The 94x94-charset class, which contains character sets with 94x94 positions (2-byte characters). Examples are the GB 2312 and the CNS 11643 character sets. The 96x96-charset class, which contains character sets with 96x96 positions (2-byte characters). In the ISO-2022 standard, four registers, called G0, G1, G2 and G3, are used to reference a character set. Before a character set can be used, the character set must be assigned, or designated, to one of these registers. The designation of a character set is done by using an escape sequence in the following format: ESC [I] F In this format: Is an intermediate character that is used to designate a character set to one of the registers (G0, G1, G2, oR G3). Is a unique final character of a particular character set. The designation of a character set, whose final character is F, to different registers is as follows: Designates a multibyte character set (94x94 or 96x96) to G0. Designates a character set in the 94-charset class to G0. Designates a character set in the 94-charset class to G1. Designates a character set in the 94-charset class to G2. Designates a character set in the 94-charset class to G3. Designates a character set in the 96-charset class to G1. Designates a character set in the 96-charset class to G2. Designates a character set in the 96-charset class to G3. SEE ALSO
Commands: locale(1) Others: ascii(5), i18n_intro(5), iso2022jp(5), l10n_intro(5) iso2022(5)
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