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bup-web(1) [debian man page]

bup-ftp(1)						      General Commands Manual							bup-ftp(1)

bup-web - Start web server to browse bup repositiory SYNOPSIS
bup web [[hostname]:port] DESCRIPTION
bup web starts a web server that can browse bup repositories. The file hierarchy is the same as that shown by bup-fuse(1), bup-ls(1) and bup-ftp(1). hostname and port default to and 8080, respectively, and hence bup web will only offer up the web server to locally running clients. If you'd like to expose the web server to anyone on your network (dangerous!) you can omit the bind address to bind to all avail- able interfaces: :8080. EXAMPLE
$ bup web Serving HTTP on ^C $ bup web :8080 Serving HTTP on ^C SEE ALSO
bup-fuse(1), bup-ls(1), bup-ftp(1), bup-restore(1) BUP
Part of the bup(1) suite. AUTHORS
Joe Beda <>. Bup unknown- bup-ftp(1)

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bup(1)							      General Commands Manual							    bup(1)

bup - Backup program using rolling checksums and git file formats SYNOPSIS
bup [global options...] <command> [options...] DESCRIPTION
bup is a program for making backups of your files using the git file format. Unlike git(1) itself, bup is optimized for handling huge data sets including individual very large files (such a virtual machine images). However, once a backup set is created, it can still be accessed using git tools. The individual bup subcommands appear in their own man pages. GLOBAL OPTIONS
--version print bup's version number. Equivalent to bup-version(1) -d, --bup-dir=BUP_DIR use the given BUP_DIR parameter as the bup repository location, instead of reading it from the $BUP_DIR environment variable or using the default ~/.bup location. COMMONLY USED SUBCOMMANDS
bup-fsck(1) Check backup sets for damage and add redundancy information bup-ftp(1) Browse backup sets using an ftp-like client bup-fuse(1) Mount your backup sets as a filesystem bup-help(1) Print detailed help for the given command bup-index(1) Create or display the index of files to back up bup-on(1) Backup a remote machine to the local one bup-restore(1) Extract files from a backup set bup-save(1) Save files into a backup set (note: run "bup index" first) bup-web(1) Launch a web server to examine backup sets RARELY USED SUBCOMMANDS
bup-damage(1) Deliberately destroy data bup-drecurse(1) Recursively list files in your filesystem bup-init(1) Initialize a bup repository bup-join(1) Retrieve a file backed up using bup-split(1) bup-ls(1) Browse the files in your backup sets bup-margin(1) Determine how close your bup repository is to armageddon bup-memtest(1) Test bup memory usage statistics bup-midx(1) Index objects to speed up future backups bup-newliner(1) Make sure progress messages don't overlap with output bup-random(1) Generate a stream of random output bup-server(1) The server side of the bup client-server relationship bup-split(1) Split a single file into its own backup set bup-tick(1) Wait for up to one second. bup-version(1) Report the version number of your copy of bup. SEE ALSO
git(1) and the README file from the bup distribution. The home of bup is at <>. AUTHORS
Avery Pennarun <>. Bup unknown- bup(1)
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