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YAZ-ICONV(1)							     Commands							      YAZ-ICONV(1)

yaz-iconv - YAZ Character set conversion utility SYNOPSIS
yaz-iconv [-f from] [-t to] [-v] [file...] DESCRIPTION
yaz-iconv converts data in file in character set specified by from to output in character set as specified by to. This yaz-iconv utility similar to the iconv found on many POSIX systems (Glibc, Solaris, etc). If no file is specified, yaz-iconv reads from standard input. OPTIONS
-ffrom] Specify the character set from of the input file. Should be used in conjunction with option -t. -tto] Specify the character set of of the output. Should be used in conjunction with option -f. -v Print more information about the conversion process. ENCODINGS
The yaz-iconv command and the API as defined in yaz/yaz-iconv.h is a wrapper for the library system call iconv. But YAZ' iconv utility also implements conversions on its own. The table below lists characters sets (or encodings). that are supported by YAZ. Each character set is marked with either encode or decode. If an encoding is encode-enabled YAZ may convert to to the designated encoding. If an encoding is decode-enabled, YAZ may convert from the designated encoding. marc8 (encode, decode) The MARC8[1] encoding as defined by the Library of Congress. Most MARC21/USMARC records usees this encoding. marc8s (encode, decode) Like MARC8 but with conversion prefers non-combined characters in the Latin-1 plane over combined characters. marc8lossy (encode) Lossy encoding of MARC-8. marc8lossless (encode) Lossless encoding of MARC8. utf8 (encode, decode) The most commonly used UNICODE encoding on the Internet. iso8859-1 (encode, decode) ISO-8859-1, AKA Latin-1. iso5426 (decode) ISO 5426. Some MARC records (UNIMARC) uses this encoding. iso5428:1984 (encode, decode) ISO 5428:1984. advancegreek (encode, decode) An encoding for Greek used by some vendors (Advance). danmarc (decode) Danmarc (in danish)[2] is an encoding based on UNICODE which is used for DanMARC2 records. EXAMPLES
The following command converts from ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) to UTF-8. yaz-iconv -f ISO-8859-1 -t UTF-8 -X <input.lst >output.lst FILES
prefix/bin/yaz-iconv prefix/include/yaz/yaz-iconv.h SEE ALSO
yaz(7) iconv(1) NOTES
1. MARC8 2. Danmarc (in danish) YAZ 4.2.30 04/16/2012 YAZ-ICONV(1)

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YAZ-ICU(1)							     Commands								YAZ-ICU(1)

yaz-icu - YAZ ICU utility SYNOPSIS
yaz-icu [-c config] [-p opt] [-s] [-x] [infile] DESCRIPTION
yaz-icu is utility which demonstrates the ICU chain module of yaz. (yaz/icu.h). The utility can be used in two ways. It may read some text using an XML configuration for configuring ICU and show text analysis. This mode is triggered by option -c which specififies the configuration to be used. The input file is read from standard input or from a file if infile is specified. The utility may also show ICU information. This is triggered by option -p. OPTIONS
-c config Specifies the file containing ICU chain configuration which is XML based. -p type Specifies extra information to be printed about the ICU system. If type is c then ICU converters are printed. If type is l available locales are printed. If type is t available transliterators are printed. -s Specifies that output should include sort key as well. Note that sort key differs between ICU versions. -x Specifies that output should be XML based rather than "text" based. ICU CHAIN CONFIGURATION
The ICU chain configuration speicifies one or more rules to convert text data into tokens. The configuration format is XML based. The toplevel element must be named icu_chain. The icu_chain element has one required attribute locale which specifies the ICU locale to be used in the conversion steps. The icu_chain element must include elements where each element specifies a conversion step. The conversion is performed in the order in which the conversion steps are specified. Each conversion element takes one attribute: rule which serves as argument to the conversion step. The following conversion elements are available: casemap Converts case and rule specifies how: l Lowercase using ICU function u_strToLower. u Upper case using ICU function u_strToUpper. t To title using UCU function u_strToTitle. f Fold case using ICU function u_strFoldCase. display This is a meta step which specifies that a term/token is to be displayed. This term is retrieved in an application using function icu_chain_token_display (yaz/icu.h). transform Specifies an ICU transform rule using a transliterator Identifier. The rule attribute is the transliterator Identifier. See ICU Transforms[1] for more information. transliterate Specifies a rule-based transliterator. The rule attribute is the custom transformation rule to be used. See ICU Transforms[1] for more information. tokenize Breaks / tokenizes a string into components using ICU functions ubrk_open, ubrk_setText, .. . The rule is one of: l Line. ICU: UBRK_LINE. s Sentence. ICU: UBRK_SENTENCE. w Word. ICU: UBRK_WORD. c Character. ICU: UBRK_CHARACTER. t Title. ICU: UBRK_TITLE. EXAMPLES
The following command analyzes text in file text using ICU chain configuration chain.xml: cat text | yaz-icu -c chain.xml The chain.xml might look as follows: <icu_chain locale="en"> <transform rule="[:Control:] Any-Remove"/> <tokenize rule="w"/> <transform rule="[[:WhiteSpace:][:Punctuation:]] Remove"/> <transliterate rule="xy > z"/> <display/> <casemap rule="l"/> </icu_chain> SEE ALSO
yaz(7) ICU Home[2] ICU Transforms[1] NOTES
1. ICU Transforms 2. ICU Home YAZ 4.2.30 04/16/2012 YAZ-ICU(1)
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