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spd-conf(1) [debian man page]

SPD-CONF(1)						      General Commands Manual						       SPD-CONF(1)

spd-conf - A simple tool for basic configuration of Speech Dispatcher and problem diagnostics SYNOPSIS
spd-conf [options] DESCRIPTION
spd-conf is a simple tool for basic configuration of Speech Dispatcher and problem diagnostics OPTIONS
-h, --help show this help message and exit -e, --espeak Use espeak to synthesize messages --test-festival Test whether Festival works as a server -s, --test-spd-say Test connection to Speech Dispatcher using spd-say --test-pulse Test Pulse Audio -c, --config-basic-settings-user Configure basic settings in user configuration -u, --create-user-conf Create Speech Dispatcher configuration for the given user -C, --config-basic-settings-system Configure basic settings in system-wide configuration -n, --dont-ask Do not ask any questions, always use default values --test-alsa Test ALSA audio --test-espeak Test whether Espeak works as a standalone binary -d, --diagnostics Diagnose problems with the current setup -D, --debug Debug a problem and generate a report AUTHOR
spd-conf was written by Hynek Hanke <>. The webpage for this package can be found at This manual page was written by Luke Yelavich <>, for the Ubuntu project (but may be used by others). August 24, 2009 SPD-CONF(1)

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LOCALE.CONF(5)							    locale.conf 						    LOCALE.CONF(5)

locale.conf - configuration file for locale settings SYNOPSIS
/etc/locale.conf DESCRIPTION
The /etc/locale.conf file configures system-wide locale settings. The basic file format of locale.conf is a newline-separated list of environment-like shell-compatible variable assignments. It is possible to source the configuration from shell scripts, however, beyond mere variable assignments no shell features are supported, allowing applications to read the file without implementing a shell compatible execution engine. Note that the kernel command line options locale.LANG=, locale.LANGUAGE=, locale.LC_CTYPE=, locale.LC_NUMERIC=, locale.LC_TIME=, locale.LC_COLLATE=, locale.LC_MONETARY=, locale.LC_MESSAGES=, locale.LC_PAPER=, locale.LC_NAME=, locale.LC_ADDRESS=, locale.LC_TELEPHONE=, locale.LC_MEASUREMENT=, locale.LC_IDENTIFICATION= may be used to override the locale settings at boot. The locale settings configured in /etc/locale.conf are system-wide and are inherited by every service or user, unless overridden or unset by individual programs or individual users. Depending on the operating system other configuration files might be checked for locale configuration as well, however only as fallback. OPTIONS
The following locale settings may be set using /etc/locale.conf: LANG=, LANGUAGE=, LC_CTYPE=, LC_NUMERIC=, LC_TIME=, LC_COLLATE=, LC_MONETARY=, LC_MESSAGES=, LC_PAPER=, LC_NAME=, LC_ADDRESS=, LC_TELEPHONE=, LC_MEASUREMENT=, LC_IDENTIFICATION=. Note that LC_ALL may not be be configured in this file. For details about the meaning and semantics of these settings, refer to locale(7). EXAMPLE
Example 1. German locale with English messages /etc/locale.conf: LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 LC_MESSAGES=C SEE ALSO
systemd(1), locale(7) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer systemd 10/07/2013 LOCALE.CONF(5)
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