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Prototyper(1)							   User Commands						     Prototyper(1)

Prototyper - Runs CLAM networks with a Qt interface SYNOPSIS
Prototyper [Network.clamnetwork [Interface.ui]] [-o] [-d backend1 [-d backend2]...] DESCRIPTION
The Prototyper runs audio processing networks created by the CLAM NetworkEditor (.clamnetwork) which can be controlled using a Qt user interface (.ui) created by the Qt Designer to control it. Qt widget names on the interface will be used to connect the widgets the proper network elements. See the CLAM NetworkEditor tutorial for more detailed explanation. on how to specify such binding. If no interface is provided on the command line, the Prototyper will look for an interface with the same name than the network and the proper extension. If anything else fails then a minimalistic default interface will be used. You can also provide a list of audio backends to try. Most common backends are 'alsa', 'jack', 'portaudio'... They will be probed in order and the first one working will be selected. If none of the selected works then the default list of backends for the platform will be tried. The -o option executes the network without any interface AUTHOR
CLAM development team (clam (at) SEE ALSO
NetworkEditor(1), designer-qt4(1), QtSMSTools(1), Annotator(1) (Network Editor Tutorial) version 0.1.2 August 24, 2005 Prototyper(1)

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networks(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						       networks(4)

networks - Contains network name information SYNOPSIS
/etc/networks DESCRIPTION
The networks file contains information about the known networks that comprise the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Inter- net. Each network is represented by a single line in the networks file. The format for the entries in the networks file is as follows: Name Number Aliases The fields contain the following: The official network name. The network number. The unofficial names used for the network. Items on a line are separated by one or more spaces or tab characters. Comments begin with a # (number sign). Routines that search the networks file do not interpret characters from the beginning of a comment to the end of that line. Network numbers are specified in dot- ted-decimal notation. A network name can contain any printable character except a field delimiter, newline character, or comment character (#). The networks file is normally created from the official network database maintained at the Network Information Center (NIC). The file may need to be modified locally to include unofficial aliases or unknown networks. RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: route(8) Functions: getnetbyaddr(3), getnetbyname(3), getnetent(3) delim off networks(4)
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