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dictl(1) [debian man page]

DICTL(1)						      General Commands Manual							  DICTL(1)

dictl - wrapper script for dict that permits using utf-8 encoded dictionaries on a terminal that is not utf-8 aware. SYNOPSIS
dictl [OPTIONS] [word] Description dictl calls dict with the arguments given on the command line. dictl takes the value of the environment variable DICTL_CHARSET as the user's preferred character set. If this variable is empty, dictl attempts to determine the character set to be used from the output of the locale command. Arguments passed to dictl including word are converted from the user's preferred character set to server's character set specified by DICTL_SERVER_CHARSET variable (utf-8 if it is unset), and passed to dict. The server's output from dict is converted to the user's pre- ferred character set. NOTE: Because iconv omits characters from output that are invalid, recode -f is used for character set conversions by default. If you prefer iconv, set DICTL_USE_ICONV variable to non-empty string. If you want to use konwert, set DICTL_USE_KONWERT to non-empty string. Because recode, iconv and konwert do not support conversion to or from the "C" or "POSIX" locales, it is recommended that all users whose locale is "C" or "POSIX", set DICTL_CHARSET to "latin1" (ISO_8859-1). OPTIONS
dictl accepts all dict options as described in dict(1). AUTHOR
dictl was written by Aleksey Cheusov <> This manual page was written by Robert D. Hilliard <> and Aleksey Cheusov <> SEE ALSO
dict(1), recode(1), iconv(1), konwert(1) DICTL(1)

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WORDS(5)						     Linux Programmers Manual							  WORDS(5)

galician-minimos - a list of Galician words, using the "minimos" standard DESCRIPTION
/usr/share/dict/galician-minimos is an ASCII file which contains an alphabetic list of words, one per line. FILES
/etc/dictionaries-common/words is a symbolic link to a /usr/share/dict/<language> file. /usr/share/dict/words is a symbolic link to /etc/dictionaries-common/words, and is the name by which other software should refer to the system word list. See select-default- wordlist(8) for more information. The directory /usr/share/dict can contain word lists for many languages, with name of the language in English, e.g., /usr/share/dict/french and /usr/share/dict/danish contain respectively lists of French and Danish words if they exist. Such lists should be coded using the ISO 8859-1 character set encoding. SEE ALSO
ispell(1), select-default-wordlist(8), and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. HISTORY
The words lists are not specific, and may be generated from any number of sources. The system word list used to be /usr/dict/words. For compatibility, software should check that location if /usr/share/dict/words does not exist. AUTHOR
Word lists are collected and maintained by various authors. Linux 14 Oct 2002 WORDS(5)
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