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tixgetint(n) [centos man page]

tixGetInt(n)						       Tix Built-In Commands						      tixGetInt(n)

tixGetInt - Get the integer value of a string. SYNOPSIS
tixGetInt ?-nocomplain? ?-trunc? string DESCRIPTION
The command tixGetInt converts any number into an integer number. By default, it will round the number to the nearest integer. When the -trunc option is specified, the number is truncated instead of rounded. When the string is not a valid TCL numerical value and the -nocomplain option is specified, tixGetInt will return "0". Otherwise it will generate an error. KEYWORDS
Tix(n) Tix 4.0 tixGetInt(n)

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TIX(3)							       Tix Built-In Commands							    TIX(3)

TixIntro - Introduction to the Tix library DESCRIPTION
Tix, which stands for Tk Interface Extension, is an extension library for Tcl/Tk. Tix adds many new widgets, image types and other commands that allows you to create compelling Tcl/Tk-based GUI applications. One advantage of Tix over other Tk widget libraries is many of the Tix standard widgets are implemented in native code. This enhances per- formance and provides native look-and-feel for your applications. This version of Tix works with Tcl/Tk version 8.0 or above. If Tix has been installed properly on your system, you can load the package into any Tk script by invoking the command package require Tix After this command has successfully returned, you can start using the func- tionalities of the Tix library. See the EXAMPLES section below for example scripts that use Tix. If the "package require Tix" command fails, you probably need to install a new copy of Tix on your system. You can download the latest ver- sion of Tix from the web site STANDARD WIDGETS
Tix includes the following standard widgets which, like their counterparts in Tk, are implemented in native code to achieve high perfor- mance and native look-and-feel. tixGrid The tixGrid widget displays items in a spread-sheet format. tixHList Hierarchical listbox widget. This widget display entries in a tree-like format. tixInputOnly A transparent window that can be used to cover another widget so as to disable mouse input. tixNBFrame The tixNBFrame widget is used internally by the tixNoteBook widget to display choices among a set of overlapping pages. tixTList Tabular listbox widget. This widget is similar to the built-in Tk listbox widget but provides more flexibility in displaying the list entries. MEGA WIDGETS
Tix provides many new types of mega widgets: these are widgets that are composed of built-in Tk widgets and the Tix standard widgets men- tioned above. tixBalloon The tixBalloon widget provides context-sensitive on-screen help. tixButtonBox A convenience class for creating a box of button widgets. tixCheckList A subclass of tixTree that presents single- or multiple choices to the user in a tree-like format. tixComboBox A combination of the listbox and entry widgets that allows the user to input an item by typing or by selecting from a list of items. tixControl The tixControl widget allows the user to adjust a value using arrow buttons. tixDirList A directory selection widget that displays the file system as a cascading list. tixDirSelectDialog A dialog for selecting a directory. This widget is deprecated. Use tk_chooseDirectory instead. tixDirTree A directory selection widget that displays the file system in a tree format. tixExFileSelectBox A widget for selecting a file. This widget is deprecated. Use tk_getOpenFile instead. tixExFileSelectDialog A dialog for selecting a file. This widget is deprecated. Use tk_getOpenFile instead. tixFileEntry A special entry widget that allows the user to choose a file by typing in its name or by selecting from a file dialog. tixFileSelectBox A widget for selecting a file. This widget is deprecated. Use tk_getOpenFile instead. tixFileSelectDialog A dialog for selecting a file. This widget is deprecated. Use tk_getOpenFile instead. tixLabelEntry A convenience class for creating an entry with an associated label widget. tixLabelFrame A labelled frame widget for grouping together a set of related widgets. tixListNoteBook The tixListNoteBook widget allows the user to choose from a set of over-lapping pages by selecting from a list box. tixMeter The tixMeter widget displays a bar graph to indicate progress. tixNoteBook The tixNoteBook widget allows the user to choose from a set of over-lapping pages with a tabbed notebook metaphore. tixOptionMenu The tixOptionMenu widget allows the user to choose a value from a pop-up menu. tixPanedWindow The tixPanedWindow widgets allows the user to adjust the visible size of several frame widgets with handle bars. tixPopupMenu The tixPopupMenu widget can be used to implement context-sensitive pop-up menu. tixScrolledHList A tixHList widget with smart scrollbars. Like other Tix scrolled widgets, the scroll bars can be displayed on an as-needed basis. tixScrolledListBox A Tk listbox widget with smart scrollbars. tixScrolledText A Tk text widget with smart scrollbars. tixScrolledWindow A Tk frame widget with smart scrollbars. tixSelect The tixSelect widget uses a set of buttons to present single- or multiple selection options to the user. tixStdButtonBox A subclass of tixButtonBox that provides four standard buttons (OK, Apply, Cancel Help) for Motif(TM)-like dialog boxes. tixTree A subclass of tixScrolledHList that supports expanding and collapsing of entries in a hierarchical list. DISPLAY ITEMS
Three Tix standard widgets tixGrid, tixHList and tixTList support the Display Items mechanism. Display items are created by the widget com- mand of these standard widgets. You can customize the items using styles objects. tixDisplayStyle Create style objects to customize display items. IMAGE TYPES
Tix provides two additional image types to the Tk image framework. compound The compound image type allows you to combine images, widgets, and text strings into a single Tk image object. pixmap The pixmap image type supports the XPM format. OTHER COMMANDS
The following Tcl command are also included in the Tix library to perform various functions. tixDestroy Destroy Tix objects instances of classes defined by tixClass construct. tixForm A geometry manager based on attachment rules. This geometry manager is deprecated. Use the Tk grid geometry manager instead. tixMwm A command to communicate with the Mwm, the Motif(TM) Window Manager. Works on Unix only. tix The tix command controls the Tix application context. tixGetBoolean The tixGetBoolean command converts a string to a boolean value. tixGetInt The tixGetInt command converts a string to a integer value. tixUtils The tixUtils manual page describes some utility Tix commands. EXECUTABLE PROGRAM
tixwish The tixwish program can be used to execute Tix-based applications. tixwish is deprecated. You shuld use the standard wish program from Tk and access Tix via the "package require Tix" command. EXAMPLES
The following is an example script that uses a tixTree widget. set tree [tixTree .t] pack $tree -expand yes -fill both for {set i 0} {$i < 2} {incr i} { $tree subwidget hlist add $i -itemtype imagetext -text "Folder $i" -image [tix getimage folder] for {set j 0} {$j < 5} {incr j} { $tree subwidget hlist add $i.$j -itemtype imagetext -text "File $i.$j" -image [tix getimage textfile] } } $tree autosetmode KEYWORDS
Tix, mega widgets Tix 8.0 TIX(3)
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