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wait_event(9) [centos man page]

WAIT_EVENT(9)							   Driver Basics						     WAIT_EVENT(9)

wait_event - sleep until a condition gets true SYNOPSIS
wait_event(wq, condition); ARGUMENTS
wq the waitqueue to wait on condition a C expression for the event to wait for DESCRIPTION
The process is put to sleep (TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE) until the condition evaluates to true. The condition is checked each time the waitqueue wq is woken up. wake_up has to be called after changing any variable that could change the result of the wait condition. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 WAIT_EVENT(9)

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clear_wait(9r)															    clear_wait(9r)

clear_wait - General: Clears the wait condition SYNOPSIS
void clear_wait( thread_t thread, int result, boolean_t interrupt_only ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the thread Specifies the outcome of the wait. You can pass one of the following values: This is a normal wakeup. The timeout period expired. The clear_wait routine interrupted the wakeup. Specifies a Boolean value that indicates how the clear_wait routine clears the wait condition. You can pass one of the following values: Clears the wait condition only if the kernel thread is waiting in an interruptible state. Clears the wait condition under any circumstances. DESCRIPTION
The clear_wait routine clears the wait condition for the specified kernel thread and starts executing the kernel thread, if appropriate. If the kernel thread is interruptible and is still waiting for the event, clear_wait sets the kernel thread state to TH_RUN and places it on the run queue. RETURN VALUES
Routines: assert_wait_mesg(9r), mpsleep(9r), thread_block(9r), thread_wakeup(9r), thread_wakeup_one(9r) clear_wait(9r)

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