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perf-sched(1) [centos man page]

PERF-SCHED(1)							    perf Manual 						     PERF-SCHED(1)

perf-sched - Tool to trace/measure scheduler properties (latencies) SYNOPSIS
perf sched {record|latency|map|replay|script} DESCRIPTION
There are five variants of perf sched: 'perf sched record <command>' to record the scheduling events of an arbitrary workload. 'perf sched latency' to report the per task scheduling latencies and other scheduling properties of the workload. 'perf sched script' to see a detailed trace of the workload that was recorded (aliased to 'perf script' for now). 'perf sched replay' to simulate the workload that was recorded via perf sched record. (this is done by starting up mockup threads that mimic the workload based on the events in the trace. These threads can then replay the timings (CPU runtime and sleep patterns) of the workload as it occurred when it was recorded - and can repeat it a number of times, measuring its performance.) 'perf sched map' to print a textual context-switching outline of workload captured via perf sched record. Columns stand for individual CPUs, and the two-letter shortcuts stand for tasks that are running on a CPU. A '*' denotes the CPU that had the event, and a dot signals an idle CPU. OPTIONS
-i, --input=<file> Input file name. (default: unless stdin is a fifo) -v, --verbose Be more verbose. (show symbol address, etc) -D, --dump-raw-trace= Display verbose dump of the sched data. SEE ALSO
perf-record(1) perf 06/30/2014 PERF-SCHED(1)

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PERF-TRACE(1)							    perf Manual 						     PERF-TRACE(1)

perf-trace - strace inspired tool SYNOPSIS
perf trace DESCRIPTION
This command will show the events associated with the target, initially syscalls, but other system events like pagefaults, task lifetime events, scheduling events, etc. Initially this is a live mode only tool, but eventually will work with files like the other tools, allowing a detached record from analysis phases. OPTIONS
-a, --all-cpus System-wide collection from all CPUs. -e, --expr List of events to show, currently only syscall names. Prefixing with ! shows all syscalls but the ones specified. You may need to escape it. -o, --output= Output file name. -p, --pid= Record events on existing process ID (comma separated list). -t, --tid= Record events on existing thread ID (comma separated list). -u, --uid= Record events in threads owned by uid. Name or number. -v, --verbose= Verbosity level. -i, --no-inherit Child tasks do not inherit counters. -m, --mmap-pages= Number of mmap data pages. Must be a power of two. -C, --cpu Collect samples only on the list of CPUs provided. Multiple CPUs can be provided as a comma-separated list with no space: 0,1. Ranges of CPUs are specified with -: 0-2. In per-thread mode with inheritance mode on (default), Events are captured only when the thread executes on the designated CPUs. Default is to monitor all CPUs. --duration: Show only events that had a duration greater than N.M ms. --sched: Accrue thread runtime and provide a summary at the end of the session. -i --input Process events from a given perf data file. SEE ALSO
perf-record(1), perf-script(1) perf 06/30/2014 PERF-TRACE(1)
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