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SHUTDOWN(8)									      SHUTDOWN(8)

       shutdown - close down the system at a given time

       shutdown [ -k ] [ -r ] [ -h ] [ -f ] [ -n ] time [ warning-message ... ]

       Shutdown  provides  an  automated  shutdown procedure which a super-user can use to notify
       users nicely when the system is shutting down, saving  them  from  system  administrators,
       hackers, and gurus, who would otherwise not bother with niceties.

       Time  is  the  time  at	which shutdown will bring the system down and may be the word now
       (indicating an immediate shutdown) or specify a future time in one of two formats: +number
       and  hour:min.	The  first  form  brings the system down in number minutes and the second
       brings the system down at the time of day indicated (as a 24-hour clock).

       At intervals which get closer together as apocalypse approaches, warning messages are dis-
       played  at  the	terminals  of  all users on the system.  Five minutes before shutdown, or
       immediately if shutdown is in less  than  5  minutes,  logins  are  disabled  by  creating
       /etc/nologin and writing a message there.  If this file exists when a user attempts to log
       in, login(1) prints its contents and exits.  The file  is  removed  just  before  shutdown

       At  shutdown time a message is written in the system log, containing the time of shutdown,
       who ran shutdown and the reason.  Then a terminate signal is sent to  init  to  bring  the
       system down to single-user state.  Alternatively, if -r, -h, or -k was used, then shutdown
       will exec reboot(8), halt(8), or avoid shutting the system down	(respectively).   (If  it
       isn't obvious, -k is to make people think the system is going down!)

       With  the -f option, shutdown arranges, in the manner of fastboot(8), that when the system
       is rebooted the file systems will not be checked.   The	-n  option  prevents  the  normal
       sync(2) before stopping.

       The  time of the shutdown and the warning message are placed in /etc/nologin and should be
       used to inform the users about when the system will be back up and why it  is  going  down
       (or anything else).

       /etc/nologin   tells login not to let anyone log in

       login(1), reboot(8), fastboot(8)

       Only  allows you to kill the system between now and 23:59 if you use the absolute time for

4th Berkeley Distribution		November 16, 1996			      SHUTDOWN(8)
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