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NFACCESS(8)									      NFACCESS(8)

       nfaccess - Add access rights to a set of Notesfiles

       nfaccess access-right topic [ topic ... ]

       Nfaccess  simplifies  the task of adding an access-right to many notesfiles.  The function
       is somewhat analagous to that of chmod(1).

       The access-right specifies a user, group or system and the permissions to be granted.  The
       format is:

		 <access-right> ::= [<type>:]name=<mode>
		 <type>    ::= {User, user, Group, group, System, system}
		 <mode>    ::= {d, r, w, a, n}+

       The  type  specification  can  be omitted; when it is omitted, the name is assumed to be a
       user.  The mode is additive.  A mode of ``rw'' specifies read and write.  The  ``n''  mode
       specifies null access.

       The  new  access  right	is  inserted  in  each	specified notesfiles access list.  If the
       user/group/system already has an entry, the old entry is replaced with the new entry.

       All users are allowed to run this program.  The changes are only applied to notesfiles for
       which the executing user is a director.

       This program lives in the notesfile utility directory, typically ``/usr/spool/notes/.util-

       To automatically  add  specific	access-rights  to  newly  created  notesfiles,	the  file
       ``/usr/spool/notes/.utilities/access-template''	is  useful.   If it exists, the file con-
       tains lines of acces-rights which are added to each notesfile as it is created.	 If  sev-
       eral  people  share  the  administration of the notesfile system, each can be added to the
       access-lists of newly created notesfiles by placing appropriate lines in this file.

		 nfaccess essick=drw /usr/spool/notes/*
		 nfaccess group:srg=rw this that other
		 nfaccess user:kolstad=rw mynotes

       In the first example, user `essick' is given director/read/write access to all the  notes-
       files in /usr/spool/notes.  Any permissions (or restrictions) he might have had before are
       overridden.  The second example gives group `srg' read/write access to notesfiles  `this',
       `that'  and  `other'.   In the final example, user `kolstad' is given read/write access to
       the notesfile `mynotes'.

       Entries can not be removed from the access list with this program.

       Entries can not merely be augmented (``just add write permission'') with this program.

       /etc/passwd			  for the users name
       /etc/group			  for the users group
       /usr/spool/notes 		  the default notesfile data base

       mknf(8), notes(1), nfcomment(3),
       The Notesfile Reference Manual

       Ray Essick (uiucdcs!essick, essick%uiuc@csnet-relay.arpa)
       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
       Urbana, IL

				      University of Illinois			      NFACCESS(8)
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