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BSD 2.11 - man page for mkhosts (bsd section 8)

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MKHOSTS(8)									       MKHOSTS(8)

       mkhosts - generate hashed host table

       /usr/sbin/mkhosts [ -v ] hostfile

       Mkhosts	is  used to generated the hashed host database used by one version of the library
       routines gethostbyaddr() and gethostbyname().  It is not used if host name translation  is
       performed  by  named(8).   If the -v option is supplied, each host will be listed as it is
       added.  The file hostfile is usually /etc/hosts, and in any case must be in the format  of
       /etc/hosts  (see  hosts(5)).   Mkhosts will generate database files named hostfile.pag and
       hostfile.dir.  The new database is build in a set of temporary files and only replaces the
       real  database  if the new one is built without errors.	Mkhosts will exit with a non-zero
       exit code if any errors are detected.

       hostfile.pag	   - real database filenames
       hostfile.new.pag    - temporary database filenames

       gethostbyname(3), gettable(8), hosts(5), htable(8), named(8)

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		   May 23, 1986 			       MKHOSTS(8)
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