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GETTABLE(8)									      GETTABLE(8)

       gettable - get NIC format host tables from a host

       /usr/sbin/gettable [ -v ] host [ outfile ]

       Gettable  is  a	simple	program used to obtain the NIC standard host tables from a ``nic-
       name'' server.  The indicated host is queried for the tables.  The tables,  if  retrieved,
       are placed in the file outfile or by default, hosts.txt.

       The  -v option will get just the version number instead of the complete host table and put
       the output in the file outfile or by default, hosts.ver.

       Gettable operates by opening a TCP connection to the port indicated in the service  speci-
       fication  for  ``nicname''.   A	request  is then made for ``ALL'' names and the resultant
       information is placed in the output file.

       Gettable is best used in conjunction with the htable(8) program	which  converts  the  NIC
       standard file format to that used by the network library lookup routines.

       intro(3N), htable(8), named(8)

       If  the	name-domain  system provided network name mapping well as host name mapping, get-
       table would no longer be needed.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		November 17, 1996			      GETTABLE(8)
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