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TS(4)											    TS(4)

       ts - TS-11 magtape interface

	    NTS  ts_drives	# TS11

	    #Name Unit# Addr   Vector Br Handler(s)	 # Comments
	    ts	  ?	172520 224    5  tsintr 	 # ts11 driver

       major device number(s):
	    raw: 8
	    block: 2
       minor device encoding:
	    bits 0003 specify TS drive
	    bit  0004 specifies no-rewind operation
	    bit  0010 ignored

       The  ts-11  combination	provides a standard tape drive interface as described in mtio(4).
       The ts-11 operates only at 1600 bpi, and only one transport is possible per controller.

       /dev/MAKEDEV	   script to create special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script to localize special files

       mt(1), tar(1), tp(1), mtio(4), ht(4), tm(4), dtab(5), autoconfig(8)

       ts%d: no write ring.  An attempt was made to write on the tape drive when  no  write  ring
       was  present;  this message is written on the terminal of the user who tried to access the

       ts%d: not online.  An attempt was made to access the tape while it was offline; this  mes-
       sage is written on the terminal of the user who tried to access the tape.

       ts%d:  hard  error bn%d xs0=%b xs1=%b xs2=%b xs3=%b.  A hard error occurred on the tape at
       block bn; status registers 0-3 are printed in octal and symbolically decoded as bits.

       ts%d: addr mod 4 != 0.  The address of a TS-11 command packet was not on an even  longword

       If any non-data error is encountered on non-raw tape, it refuses to do anything more until

       The device lives at the same address as a tm-11 tm(4).

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 28, 1988				    TS(4)
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