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DTAB(5) 										  DTAB(5)

       dtab - automatic system configuration device table (2BSD)

       The  dtab  file contains a list of the devices that the autoconfig(8) program will attempt
       to attach to the system.

       Each line describes one device which may be present on the system; additional  devices  of
       the  same  type require additional lines.  The line contains at least six fields separated
       by white space.	Blank lines and comments can appear anywhere in the file  except  between
       fields; comments are delimited by `#' and new line.  The fields are (in order):

       dev	   The device name, usually two characters

       unit	   Either a unit number or a `?' indicating automatic selection of unit numbers.

       addr	   The address of the device's first register, as a 16-bit octal number.

       vector	   The interrupt vector, in octal.

       BR	   The priority at which the device interrupts.

       handler(s)  One or more routine names with which the interrupt vector is filled.

       #	       Device Configuration Table
       #    Clock and console are pre-configured and should not be listed here
       # Dev#	   Addr    Vector  Br Handler(s)      # Comment
       lp   ?	   177514  200	   4  lpio	      # lp-11 line printer
       ht   0	   172440  224	   5  htintr	      # tu 16 massbus tape
       xp   ?	   176700  254	   5  xpio	      # xp driver
       dm   ?	   170500  310	   4  dmin	      # dm11 dh modem control
       dh   ?	   160020  320	   5  dhin dhou       # dh11 terminal mux
       dz   ?	   160110  330	   5  dzin dzdma      # dz11 terminal mux

       /etc/dtab	   device table


       /Etc/dtab is unique to the PDP-11 and 2BSD.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 January 22, 1987				  DTAB(5)
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