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RK(4)											    RK(4)

       rk - RK-11/RK05 disk

	    NRK  rk_drives # RK05

	    #Name Unit# Addr   Vector Br Handler(s)	 # Comments
	    rk	  ?	177400 220    5  rkintr 	 # rk05

       major device number(s):
	    raw: 15
	    block: 6
       minor device encoding:
	    specifies drive: <rk_drive>

       Minor device numbers are drive numbers on one controller.  The standard device names begin
       with ``rk'' followed by the drive number and then the letter "h".  The character ?  stands
       here for a drive number in the range 0-7.

       The  block  files  access  the disk via the system's normal buffering mechanism and may be
       read and written without regard to physical disk records.  There is also a `raw' interface
       which  provides for direct transmission between the disk and the user's read or write buf-
       fer.  A single read or write call results in exactly one I/O operation and  therefore  raw
       I/O  is considerably more efficient when many words are transmitted.  The names of the raw
       files conventionally begin with an extra `r.'

       In raw I/O the buffer must begin on a word (even) boundary, and counts should be a  multi-
       ple  of	512  bytes (a disk sector).  Likewise seek calls should specify a multiple of 512

       The rk driver does not support pseudo-disks (partitions).  Each file rk?h  refers  to  the
       entire  drive  as  a  single  sequentially  addressed  file.  Each drive has 4872 512-byte

       It's not clear what one would do with one of these drives if one had one ...

       /dev/rk[0-7]h	   block files
       /dev/rrk[0-7]h	   raw files
       /dev/MAKEDEV	   script to create special files
       /dev/MAKEDEV.local  script to localize special files

       hk(4), ra(4), ram(4), rl(4), rp(4), rx(4), si(4), xp(4), dtab(5), autoconfig(8)

       rk%d: hard error sn%d er=%b ds=%b.  An unrecoverable error occurred during transfer of the
       specified  sector of the specified disk.  The contents of the two error registers are also
       printed in octal and symbolically with bits decoded.  The error was either  unrecoverable,
       or a large number of retry attempts could not recover the error.

       rk%d:  write  locked.   The  write  protect  switch  was set on the drive when a write was
       attempted.  The write operation is not recoverable.

       In raw I/O read and write(2) truncate file offsets to 512-byte block boundaries, and write
       scribbles  on  the tail of incomplete blocks.  Thus, in programs that are likely to access
       raw devices, read, write and lseek(2) should always deal in 512-byte multiples.

       DEC-standard error logging should be supported.

       A program to analyze the logged error information (even in its present  reduced	form)  is

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 August 20, 1987				    RK(4)
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