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CONS(4) 										  CONS(4)

       cons - PDP-11 console interface

       The  console  is available to the processor through the console registers.  It acts like a
       normal terminal, except that typing control-P on the consoles of some  PDP-11's	puts  the
       console	in  local console mode with an ODT (console debugger mode) prompt.  The operation
       of the console in this mode varies per-processor.  See the PDP-11 Processor  Handbook  for
       your particular processor.

       On  an 11/44 the console can be put into local mode by typing a control-P.  The ODT prompt
       is ``>>>''.  The processor is not stopped by entering local console mode.  The CPU may  be
       halted  with  the ``halt'' command, which may be abbreviated to ``h.'' Conversational mode
       is re-entered by using the command ``c'' (continue).

       On 11/73 the processor's front panel halt switch must be pressed to put the  console  into
       ODT  mode.   The  ODT  prompt is an ``@''.  No characters typed on the console are special
       while UNIX is in control of the console.


       tty(4), reboot(8)
       PDP-11 Hardware Handbook specific to hardware

4th Berkeley Distribution		  July 27, 1987 				  CONS(4)
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